It's just not fair!!!

It's just not fair! I don't get awesome nephew was diagnosed Dec.1,2010 with ALL leukemia. His father passed away in 1998 of brain cancer...since then my nephew has lost his grandpa, three aunts and last March he lost his 11 yr old cousin(all from his dad's side of the family) different types of cancer! I watch my nephew as he fights for his life, I see how sick the chemo makes him.:( My nephew is an amazing young man, never really got sick, always played is his passion! He has so much to live for and the rest of his life ahead of him...why is he dealing with this?! :confused:I would do anything to switch places with him...I love him so much. I am just so angry that he is going thru this! :mad:


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  • You're right it's definitely not fair! It does sound like that family has had more than their share of cancer. I had my grandma pass away from lung cancer, my grandpa on the other side pass away from melanoma, and I was just diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma this summer (probably genetics)- as far as I'm concerned cancer should just go away, none of us want it around ;) I really hope you get to watch your nephew beat this and go on with his life to do more wonderful things!
  • That seriously sucks! Cancer sucks! I will definitely keep your nephew in my thoughts. If he is as amazing and driven as you say he is, he definitely deserves better than this. Hold strong, and I hope your family with see him continue his dreams very soon.
  • Dr. says there is some kind of cancer gene on his fathers side of the family...We always knew it was a possiblity but never did we ever expect for it to happen to him, he is in remission but he will be having a bone marrow transplant in a few months. He carries a rare protein in his cells that typically has a high relapse rate, the transplant should help to keep him in remission longer...he is a fighter...he will beat this! Cancer go away!!
  • I'm so sorry for your nephew, yourself, and family going through this. It is not fair! (hugs) I think all of us in the boat feel the same way. It is very difficult to see anyone you love suffering and feel so helpless. As a caregiver myself it feels impossible somedays. Keep hope, try to find some inspiration of positivity and share it with your nephew. I've realized how I'm feeling and my attitude makes a huge impact on how my husband*brain cancer and my 8 year old daughter feel. It's the good vibes that he needs now. I wish for good days for you! (hugs)
  • You are so right. Whenever Im with my nephew, I make sure it's business as usual. So we go about our day like before he was sick, except we cant wrestle anymore :) Well at least not for now, but I try to make it as normal as possible for him, I dont want leukemia to dictate his life, we still go to the movies only now we go to the first show of the day when no one is there, to avoid being around too many people, we cant wait to be able to the thing he and I love the most- eating at a buffet! Crazy but it's the simple little things that we miss the most, I hug him all the time-I wish I could carry him in my arms like I did when he was a baby, but at 14 yrs old he's already taller than me! We have good times...I am so looking forward to many more with him...
  • Definately not fair indeed! Seems this kinda junk happens to the best of us, I hate every minute of it. I do agree that if he's as driven as he seems he'll make it through just fine. I never personally had to go through chemo but the recovery from my surgery was insane. Everyday following, as hard as it was, it was still another day that I got to be here with my loved ones. Same with your nephew, he's lucky to have an aunt like you, to spend so much great time with! In the end Cancer sucks but everyday we beat it makes us that much better. Someday when all of this is over he will be so much more a stronger person in every aspect just by going though it. He will hold his head up high knowing he beat it with the help of doctors, random people, & his awesome aunt. I'll keep him in my thoughts & prayers, good luck to him :)
    Go little man go! Beat that cancer!
  • No It's Not Fair..

    I believe that despite the unfairness of your nephew's current diagnosis and the recent deaths of Family members from Cancer, I truly believe your nephew and his family have a grand opportunity to learn just how much he and they can take away from their experience. I was diagnoed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in December 1981, and since early 1997 I have had to undergo two Brain surgeries and in the last 24 months I have had Heart valve Replacement surgery, and I was Diagnosed with Stage III-B Colon Cancer. I believe that I have gotten this far due to my boundless positive attitute which I believe has rubbed off on my family and others around me.

    The best advice I can off is to never give up and never allow anyone around you to give up hope either.