Lymphadema, anyone?

So my doctors got this brilliant idea to take all the lymph nodes out of my pelvis (they thought they could avoid radiation if they could prove the cancer hadn't leaked into the lymphatic system). NO DICE.

I'm a year and a half out of treatment, and feelin' fine, but every now and then my leg swells. And my groin...yes, my groin. It swells all the time. Does anyone else have this problem? I saw a specialist and she recommended compression shorts. Sure, compression shorts are cool at the gym, but under a dress? Under jeggings? Over a bathing suit?

Does anyone else have awkward crotch swelling, and if so, any tips on how to deal?


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    I had a good number of my lymph nodes removed when I had my hysterectomy and experienced some minor (but very annoying) leg swelling on and off for about two years after my surgery and I will experience it anytime I fly on a plane. I never experienced swelling in the groin area but I did find compression stockings and massage helped with my legs....I know this will sound strange but perhaps you could ask your doctor if massaging the groin area would help. I know massage therapy (or "manual lymph drainage") is often used for lymphedema in other parts of the body. Also my doctor had mentioned to me to watch my sodium intake, as too much sodium can sometimes exacerbate the swelling a bit.
  • I just wrote out a really long reply, and then accidentally deleted it before posting. :(

    So here goes again...

    I saw a PT that specializes in lymphadema, and she showed me the massage for my leg and gave me the compression stockings (that are so old-lady chic, no?). For the groin, she recommended compression shorts and pads (apparently, that's what men do after testicular cancer if they have swelling down there). But this doesn't help when I want to look hot in a bathing suit!

    The fact that it got a lot better for you after two years gives me hope! I have seen a lot of improvement in the last year, so maybe I won't have to worry about it next year! And I'll definitely start watching my salt intake in th meantime.

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