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Does anyone else seem to always have a problem with getting medication in a timely manner? I was unemployed at my time of diagnosis and have medi-cal (free state insurance in California). I am gratefull to them and all the bills they pay, the hospital stays, transplant and nursing care but for some reason no one seems to understand that getting my medication on time is really important. Last release from the hospital they told me they couldn't refil a new anti graft vs. host disease rx for 3 days, they needed to wait for an override from insurance. I finally gave up out of pure frustration and had to have my boyfriend go handle it for me. The best they could end up doing is giving us three pills to tide us over till the override came in. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but, seriously, it's not like I'm picking up birth control or some codine fucking cough syrup. I need to have this drug to minimize my chances of having to get readmitted to the hospial. I think the worst part is I have no one to really complain to, the pharmacy does the best they can, they can't give me a thousand dollar rx without an approval and I have no clue who to complain to at medi-cal that would make any difference.
The whole situation is really frustrating, if I weren't able to have someone help me with it I don't think that I could handle it they way I feel right now. It makes me upset for other patients too, I know I can't be the only out there feeling like they are constantly low man on the totem pole when it comes to insurance.
Ahg...I think I am done venting for now.


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  • Hi Alison so's sooo frustrating. We have medicaid IL state...and I've ran into all sorts of issues...not to sound ungrateful either. I hear ya there. When Ben had his first seizure it took time to get from that 3-4 weeks we had to pay for anti seizure meds and +++ and it was hundreds, basically his last paycheck and vacation pay. :/ So I get it. The issues I've had is the state doesnt' like to pay for name brand drugs. Ben gets one namebrand cuz the dose doesn't come in generic. I've had problems if I get it too early then the next time they say it's too soon and yeah we are talking anti seizure meds...he can't go without...on top of I don't leave him alone we live 30 min from any I can get out once a week to get's not convienant at all to live by their rules. I have to wait like one to two days before he runs out and then I'm always worried that I won't make it for some reason OR they will be out of pills which has happened several times! And we had to go to a different pharmacy. So scary!!! He has 6 scripts too.

    So I wish they would all be filled the same week but that ain't happening. I just have to be very thankful we don't have to pay for it...don't know how we would!

    But if you have issues you can check out other pharmacy's and or talk to the pharmacist, if they are nice/good it could help?
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    Rx Assist - Drug Discount Cards and Prescription Assistance Programs

    You may be able to find programs that will help with prescription assistance.

    Also sometimes if you contact the manufacturer of the medications directly they will either offer the meds at a discount or possibly offer a free supply. It's extra leg work you have to do but I have heard about several people who have done this.
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    I love being told by my insurance that they won't refill a script because it's not time. As if it's totally implausible that my dose might me changed.
  • Lauren was on synthetic hormones (birth control pills) for treating menopause symptoms and to control her bleeding during anemia, so she wasn't taking the placebos. Blue Shield always gave me issues on refilling when I would go one week before it was due (they didn't understand the part about NOT wanting her to have a period). So glad she is on bio-identical hormones. Now, I have to turn in all of the receipts because the compounding pharmacy doesn't take Blue Shield. LOL.
  • I had the same problem, and I had insurance through my employer. During treatment, it was like pulling teeth trying to get anti-emetics if I would be over filling and selling them on the street...I always had to go back to the nurse and have her call the insurance company for the override, which could take a few days. I once threatened to send Anthem a bag of my puke if they didn't get me the refill. I don't think they took me seriously.

    Post-treatment, I started taking birth control to manage menopause symptoms. So like Lauren, I had to skip the placebo. I had to re-explain my situation EVERY TIME I needed a refill, and this resulted in a few public meltdowns. Menopause FTW.

    Finally, I switched to a mom-and-pop pharmacy in town, and I haven't had any problems since. I'll never go back to CVS or Target pharmacy again.
  • It is pretty annoying. I finally got one medication settled at a local pharmacy and they were actually very helpful. Now I'm onto the next refil of Noxafil which somehow has a nationwide shortage so I am most likely going to have to drive about an hour to the cancer center to pick up my refil there. I am hoping I can last till my appointment on tuesday because I really dislike making a three hour car ride if I don't have to.
    DMM- I think I will try to check out those resources, that might be easier in the long run.
    Thanks for all the advice guys.