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Hi Everyone,

I am currently a little over a week away from my staging laparotomy. I had a laparoscopy in January for what my ob/gyn thought was an endometrioma and it ended up being an endometrioid adenocarcinoma. We know that it is grade 1 but not the stage because we didn't find out until the pathology report that it was ovarian cancer. They are guessing a Stage 1C because of rupture.

For some reason, I am most concerned about how many lymph nodes they will or won't remove because I am afraid of Lymphodema. My CT scan showed no swollen nodes and none bigger than 1cm. She said that was good. How many do they typically remove for staging or do they just take them all to be on the safe side?

I'm also curious about people's laparotomy recovery and what it was like. The laparoscopy recovery was pretty easy but I know the laparotomy is major surgery.
By the way, I am 36 years old and still in shock.

Thank you for any advice or input!


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    Hello, my wife had a very similar situation back in April. Her laparoscopy was converted to a staging laparotomy after a suspected diagnosis was confirmed with frozen section. From my understanding, not all the LN were removed, and the risk of lymphedema was low. She did have problems with post-op recovery (the pain).

    Have you started chemo yet?

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