Mother a Survivor of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

My mom, probably one of the strongest people I know, found out she had Large B cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. Being big into health and nutrition, it was the first time I saw her break down and cry. It was stressful, knowing she couldn't relate to us and vice versa. Her fight was her own, but she eventually adapted one of the most optimistic and positive attitudes I've ever seen. She fought back, and with renewed vigor, especially during the RCHOP chemotherapy.

It was during this time I found out about i2y, and have been with the org ever since. My mother went through the chemo and is in remission. The stress, the feeling of hopelessness, the angst, however, are all still fresh in our minds. Cancer almost took away my mom as it did my grandfather a few years back. In the end, we can only channel our anger and frustration into a good cause and when with family, be as optimistic as humanly possible. There isn't enough time for the other crap.