Hoping to connect with other mom's (or dad's)

So I'm just getting the hang of this forum, but wanted to put out there a blog I have recently started and try to touch base with other parents. I am the mother of a 7 year young adult cancer survivor. When my daughter was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer in 2004 she was 24 and had to return home to live with us for 2 years. After multiple surgeries, radioactive iodine and endless fiddling with her med, she moved out on her own and continues treatment at Sloan Kettering in NYC. She currently lives in Seattle and is engaged to be married this spring :) It has been a long process and we continue to learn so much. The reason I started the blog is because I did not know anyone else dealing with this and I know there are thousands of us out there. Also, I wanted to help my daughter get out the word about True North Treks (truenorthtreks.org) a fabulous non-profit that takes young adult cancer survivors into the wilderness where they backpack, camp, hike and learn meditation and other mind-body work. The next trip will be this fall. It is free to the young adults although they are asked to raise funds for the next group on a pay it forward model.
So I hope you will check out the blog and also get in touch. It is hard to do this alone--although none of us ever really is. It's just that it helps to have others who understand this crappy hand our kids have been dealt.

So check it, Always a Mom at http://aaprich.blogspot.com/
Hope to see you there.