Question for anyone with loop ileostomy

So, I have had a loop ileostomy "Scarlett" since September 2010. Last week I had very low abdominal gas pain - didn't think that was possible. Well, the short story - I had a feeling that I haven't had since I had my ileostomy placed - the feeling that I needed to have a bowel movement. Low and behold - I was correct and I was able to have an actual bowel movement.
I called my ostomy nurse and she explained since I have a loop ileostomy waste can still make its way to my colon and out. Well, this is day 3 of waste coming out both ways. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this and how long it might last. I am supposed to have Scarlett reversed next month but if I am already having to sit on the toilet a bit longer I will move that date up.
Any input is helpful, thanks.


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  • Just wanted to give an update -
    I went to see my surgeon who also reassured me that this was normal - glad they told me this from the get go. The double exit ended on day 4 and hasn't happened since. I have my take down surgery scheduled for 5/5 - woohoo.
  • Hi, I am new to this but also looking for some answers. Colon cancer diagnosed july ostomy then but due to scar tissue buildup in my colon I had to have loop ileostomy done november 2011...nothing rectally until a few days ago then two days I had small bowel movement and some small pearl shaped stool and mucous...yuckk hate having stuff coming out of both ends as you can agree! Also was told this is normal and really no way to tell when or how long it will last. Having tests in Feb...hopefully able to reconnect. I was also stage three, no radiation but did have chemo and sigmoid colon removed. I had a reaction to my sutures around my stoma and am now dealing with that...have open sores around the stoma for the past five weeks. Good luck with your takedown...hope all goes well.
  • I had my take down almost 9 months ago now. I can tell you that it is possible to have the take down and not have problems. Good luck with your take down - feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Theresa