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Hey Guys,
I am recovering from RPLND surgery, i think that's right. There was a mass on a Lymph node. Six hour surgery, 2 month recovery, but feeling great, or at least better than i have in a long time. The pathology revealed it was teretoma, so no more chemo/radiation!!! I have not even kissed a woman in 2.5 years, and i miss the comfort and excitement of new relationship. Any ideas on how to meet someone who's going to understand my situation, or a woman who has been through cancer herself. Would love some feedback. I'm Keith from South Jersey, and i just turned 29. :confused:


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  • Try to look up some groups in your area. I'm not from there, but I've seen a lot of YA groups advertising for that area. Congratulations on getting through surgery! Glad you're feeling better and welcome to the forum!
  • Trial and error? I had a lot of problems after my melanoma diagnosis of finding people my age that didn't disappear (after being very nice and polite of course) after I explained it to them... even friends disappeared and I figured chances of me finding a guy my age was next to nothing- I mean it's hard enough without cancer right?! But as it turns out I did finally find a very sweet guy that doesn't care about my melanoma even after I explained the rather considerable chances of it coming back and me not making it possibly... I met him on xbox live while playing COD though so unfortunately he lives far away in Canada, but hopefully someday we'll make it work, and anyway it's just nice to know that there are people out there that care more about you than your health history :) Wishing you the best of luck!

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    Congratulations on the surgery. It's an awesome feeling when you first finish treatment.