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Hi everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is CarrieAnne and I am 40 years old. I live in MA and have two kids, 11 yrs (boy) and 8 yrs. (girl)

On 3/18/11 I was struck by a car as a pedestrian, sending me to the hospital with numerous injuries. At the hospital I was give a CAT scan to determine how my organs were working, and they discovered a 5 cm malignant tumor in my left breast. I feel lucky that the accident caught the cancer, but I am struggling with the fact that I have orthopedic and opthamolgic issues related to the accident and not my cancer while I am trying to get well.

Anyone else here diagnosed with Cancer as a result of another injury? Paired with the fact that I am 25 years younger than everyone else being treated at my facility I am feeling like no one knows how I feel.

Because of my familial history they are recommending a double mastectomy for me even though I tested negative for BRACA. I am having trouble with this, so I decided to start with chemo as a way to buy some time for my surgery decision. I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I am hoping the chemo will give me a good enough result to convince the doctors one mastectomy is sufficient. Any sort of lumpectomy is pretty much off the table for me already.

Thanks :)


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    Hi carrieAnne my name is Joan i am very sorry to hear about the accident and diagnoses but i am glad it didnt go undetected, as regards your tough decision my advice is to not let it be hard for these reasons; i was diagnosed at 22 few days b4 i turned 23 started chemo on 23rd b-day btw i was diagnosed with a 8cm tumor aggressive kind hr2+ and er, pr- anyways like u lumpectomy was out for me so i had that breast completely removed even tho i was BRACA neg. and no previous family history. however when i finished treatment next yr the next month i was diagnosed with cancer again on other side of lymp nodes and had to go take them out along side other boob "2nd trauma" i want you to save yourself from that cos now its about saving your life not ur boob u can always get new boobs even this time according to ur own specifications(laughing) and oh smile and laugh all the time it helps so far i have had chemo and am still having chemo going on 4yrs, radiation twice, surgery twice. if u ever have questions feel free to ask anytime. stay positive u will be fine and have faith God will see you through xx Joan

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