Update :)

So patience and time brings good things. Disclaimer if my husband knew I posted such personal things he'd probably kill me but I want to be honest and I think it's a good thing that people talk about what cancer does or doesn't do for your sex life. ANYWAYS! :headbang:

I'm happy to report that after 9 months today actually since he was DX with brain cancer...surgery, radiation, many seizures, things are looking up. :) We are connecting and building our relationship. And with comes that great sex. It's competely not the same. We are both different and scarred in different ways. But after 16 years of just us...things are good again. There is sunshine after the storm and finding happiness in small or large ways is what it's all about for us now. :) yay!

Moral of the story is don't give up...give it time and work it out cuz it's worth it! :o


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