I have rectal cancer, my question is about symptomatic lung mets.

Hey I am looking for anyone else with symptomatic lung mets. I have been on chemo for 95% of the last 2yrs and 3 mos, Stopped chemo in March to do radiation on primary Rectal tumor, during this time my lung mets went crazy. One grew from 2cm to 10x4x2cm, partially blocking my left bronchul tube and compressing a major vein going through my chest(can't think of the name, the same one my port dumps into). We started back on Folfox right away. I just had one round last week and will be back in on Tuesday. I have a PETscan on the folowing friday(5/27) to check the chemos progress. If chemo isn't helping I will start radiation. My cough isn't a productive cough, it starts out almost like an itch, but after one little cough I get started coughing and wheezing. Often times I get coughing so hard I end vomiting or having dry heaves. I guess it is basicly from the tumor blocking the airway.

I am trying to get info on what, if any, meds help? any OTC remedies help? Any advice on how to manage the pain, cough and shortness of breath? I have a two yr old daughter that I am alone with throughout the day while my hubby is at work so I have to be careful what I take so that I am alert for her. If I am really having a rough day I can take her to daycare but I try my best to keep her home with me.

Thanks for and help or suggestions.


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    symptomatic mets

    I'm not sure if this will be helpfull or not since we have different situations. My primary was lung and I had 75% of my right lung removed but have new spots in the 25% that is left. I basically have the same coughing situation though. It is the never ending cough, and people are always asking me if I am okay. :lol: My lung has never worked quite right after the first big surgery but I find that a combination of prednisone, albuterol inhalers, pulmicort and albuterol nebulizers help me. It just helps keep all of the airways open.

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