Is it cancer stuff or my period? LOL

Ok, seriously, what is wrong with me? The tiniest things this past week have made me burst into tears. It's so strange! I've never been a crier, but now it's happening frequently. Is it residual effects of chemo and treatment or is it cause I'm on my period? hahaha (I almost put this up as a facebook status, but then thought that'd be awkward.....)


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  • Maybe both? I think for me I maybe just get a bit tired when I'm on my period and then cancer and worrying about it coming back is always a huge stress on me, so add one extra little stress and it sometimes causes me to fall apart for a bit.... You're not alone in that, so I don't think anything is wrong with you! Hope things get better though :)
  • CareyCarey Community Member
    For me it was a combination of depression, post-traumatic stress, and medicines making the other two worse. I thought I had escaped that part of cancer survivorship, but it got me and in a big way. When I mentioned it to my doctor, he was visibly worried (unsusal for him) and referred me to an oncology counselor. It's helped, but I've got a long way to go to complete that part of my recovery. You're definantely not alone. I used to be pretty easy going, but now, any deviation in my routine really throws me off and makes me all ornery.
  • melissamelissa Community Member
    omg..i have been the same way!! I just finished my first "maintenence dose" of chemo and immediately got all grumpy, sad, angry....all sorts of messed up and irrational emotions. I was thinking it could just be my period coming, because since treatment i have had horrible pms (which i never got before).
    i was going to blog about all of the emotions i have coming up, but noone really wants to read that sort of thing. they only want to know how hard you are fighting, not how lonely you feel spending a holiday alone...cause that makes them feel guilty for not being around.sorry, i digress...i do that sometimes.
    anyway, hope you feel better soon.