stomach cancer

Hey guys I know this is a pretty rare one in young people but anyone out there with stomach cancer?


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    i have a complicated case of chronic lymphocitic leukemia that is in my stomach... i was actually checking out this section of the forum to see if anyone had their stomach removed because im kind of freaking out at the thought.
  • I got gastric cancer too! They say it's not supposed to happen to people at this young of an age.
  • I am a 32 year old Canadian woman that was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer in July. Here is a link to my blog where I'm slowly documenting my case/story: I would love to hear others stories. I have been in contact with one other person with the same cancer, same stage: and she pointed me to this inspiring story:
  • Thank you so much for the websites! I've really been having trouble with the idea that there is no hope of cure for me. It helps to hear other stories of people going through what I am going through.
  • Gastrectomy (removal of stomach)


    I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, I didn't subscribe to this thread so I didn't realize anyone replied. I will share my experience regarding my gastrectomy for future visitors to this thread. I had a total gastrectomy (100% of my stomach removed), along with 32 lymph nodes removed. My surgery was very successful. I spent 7 days in the hospital and experienced very little pain. They got me walking out of the hospital bed on the second day and that was very painful, however by my last day I was practically running around the hospital. They kept me on a liquid diet for the first 5 days and on the last few days I had solids. I ate slowly, chewed a lot when I got out of the hospital. I lost a lot of weight (since this surgery is equivalent to the gastric bypass surgery for obesity) after surgery. After surgery, chemo and radiation I lost a total of 25 kg. I feel full after meals and am often very gassy (especially if I eat a heavy or unhealthy meal). In the beginning eating was very difficult, however I have since adjusted to a new normal and eat 3 meals a day like I normally would have. I chew more and eat healthier, those are the only new things in my life post gastrectomy. The radiation I had has messed up my pancreas and because of this I take a pancreatic enzyme to help digestion, I would recommend talking to your doctor about pancreatic enzyme if you have a gastrectomy. Hope this helps someone, feel free to write if you have questions
  • I'm 36 and diagnosed with stomach cancer. I've recently started a blog Other sites I've found helpful are and I'm stage IV and receive chemotherapy every other week. I believe last week was my 16th infusion. The last ct scan showed everything stable, so here's hoping. I also tested positive for a gene that makes stomach cancer more likely. If you haven't consulted with a geneticist, I highly recommend it, since stomach cancer at this age is so rare.
  • I am 65 years old and was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. In august of 2013 they removed my galbladder, stomach and part of my esophagus. So far I have not had to have any other treatments and the Dr, says that they never catch this cancer at such an early stage. For that I thank God. I have lost an awful lot of weight and have problems with eating but things seem to be slowly getting better. I am still learning what a shock it is to your system when they take away your stomach. I have hope now that I didn't have at first, when they say you have a life expectancy of 3.5 years it throws you into a form of shock I think. I have 1.5 years down now and am working on proving them wrong. There needs to be more information out there about this form of cancer and I hope eventually there will be.Still looking for any info so if someone knows where to go to find it please let me know
  • Hi there!

    I am a 25 year old stomach cancer survivor since 2011! Never give up hope!!!! I have proved themwrong and you will too! Living without a stomach is hard and sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. I have faugh to gain weight for 2 years until I started to see results but now I'm actually starting to be chubby (and I love it!!). It takes a while for your body to adjust but have patience and hope, the body is a resilient beast and it can handle a lot. Congratulations on getting 1.5 years under your belt. Also you should know there are sites out there willing to help. This is going to sound like advertising but it's a website that trugly helped me. It's called Debbies Dream Foundation and it specializes specifically to gastric cancer patients. There is information, online peer support and in person support across north America. I felt so alone until I found them, but I have felt so strongly about them that I actually started a local chapter in my state (I am Katy from Ontario) to help other patients. Check it out and know you are not alone. Although the group is very small, we are a tight knit group dedicated to make sure nobody has to go through this alone. Good luck and I hope you will find the support you are looking for


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