post treatment - questions

Hey guys,

So I've been completely cancer free for about a year and a half. However, I had soo many complications it's ridiculous. One of them being that one of my parathyroid glands was removed and I STILL have a severe calcium deficiency. I was wondering if any of you still have it and what you're doing to combat it?

Also, I cannot seem to be able to keep my TSH level. Every time I go get a blood test I jump all over the spectrum Hypo and even to super Hyper.. all while taking the same dose!! It's super frustrating. They are looking into other causes for my tiredness and all the other issues I continue to have. But again I was wondering if any of you have these issues and what you're doing or did to fix it? Apparently, it super uncommon for my body to still not be regulated?? (well as regulated as it's going to get lol) so i was just wondering what you guys thought. And if you had any secondary diagnoses after your cancer I'd love to know what they are.. because the awesome thing about medicine is that they have to weed out all the diseases I don't have before we get to something that I do.. awesome. lol

Thanks for your help everyone, I'm seriously sick of the cleveland clinic I just need to figure this out! lol Hope you are all doing well :)


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