35 from Long island Ny

35 male here from long island just looking for people to connect with and get to know. Kinda weird ever since i was diagnosed with melanoma and found it was spreading. i kinda distance myself from everyone...sometimes find it hard because i'm not sure a girl i'm getting to know would understand if she hasnt been in my place. So if anyone would want to chat leave a message and what not...i love making new friends..that are in the same situation as me...and it would help because i'm about to start Yervoy for my treatments.


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  • Welcome Tmartz! This has been such a great place for me to vent, get information, and sometimes just read through the posts and know I am not the only one going through this. If you ever want to chat or anything, I (and everyone else) are here for you.
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    Welcome :)

    I have recently joined the group and the people are great here. Look forward to' getting to know you' :)
  • Hey Tmartz, I'm an intern at i2y, I am also from Long Island!! Welcome to the forum I hope you find what you are looking for!
  • Tmartz, welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing your story. you will find plenty of people here who can understand what you're going through. I have one person in mine (cough, Michelle, cough) who I'm sure will chime in on here any time now. I hope that your treatment goes as well as possible and you regain your health fully.
  • I was getting there Jason... geez... ;) Hi Tmartz, I'm Michelle, welcome to the forums! I was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma about a year ago and am just on a wait and watch program- also had plenty of experience with some not so understanding people... but just recently was fortunate enough to find a guy that maybe doesn't understand perfectly because he hasn't been through it but he listens, accepts, and is supportive and I couldn't ask for more- so don't give up. Also I'm always happy to chat!
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    I was getting there Jason... geez... ;)

    about time.....sheesh! :)
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    Thanks for all the welcome guys and girls...still waiting on the doctors to get back to me about my Yervoy...they said maybe friday (tomorrow) just feels like a long time waiting. sad part is i cant wait to see my friends at the doctors office again...lol. The Infusion nurse he is one of my friends now , and so are most of the staff i couldnt ask for better. and i'm glad i got to post on this forum and hope to find alot of people that will understand everything. so far its seems like everyone is great !!
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    Hey welcome! I know what you mean, as much as I hated chemo I always looked forward to it because I'd get to see my clinic friends! I got pretty close with my infusion nurse as well, she cried on the day of my last chemo! She's awesome. I also ended up making friends with some of the other patients there, even though most of them were like twice my age! They're all great people. Now that my treatments over, I miss seeing them every week. We still keep in touch though, and I see them whenever I have an appointment with my oncologist. Anywhos, good luck with everything! Hope it goes well :)
  • Hello Tmartz...I understand as many of us on this forum about the difficulties of meeting new people and mentioning the "Big C" word. Many of my so called friends hardly bother to call me anymore with the exception of a couple. In my experience I have found that socializing with individuals who understand our predicament because they share or have undergone a similiar experience is usually easier.
  • I know its been a while but i just wanted everyone to know that i have finished receiving my yervoy treatment as of right now. Lots of blood test and other test going on. was okay going through the treatment , had some arm swelling but that went away about two weeks after treatment and lots of muscle aches and pains. i will keep everyone posted.
  • Hey tmartz,
    Just wanted to say hi, I too am from long island and am always looking to meet new people who understand what we go through. It is really difficult finding someone who understands. Hope you are doing well. I am new to this site and also looking to make new friends.