I know I can't be the only one that just wants to run away sometimes. I find myself often planning for trips that I will be able to take "one day". I think I only started doing this since I've basically had to stay in the house for the last 5 months except for Dr.s Appointments. It's kind of both depressing and inspirational at the same time. If that makes sense.


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    I know how you feel! When I was still undergoing treatment, I made a million plans to go places and sometimes I felt like I'd never get a chance to do any of it. When my treatment finally ended and my dr. said it was okay for me to travel, I went to the Canadian Rockies with my sister. We stayed in this beautiful town called Banff that is nestled in the middle of the mountains (the picture in my avatar is the view from our hotel). It was nice to be away from the hospital and all the stress. For a moment, you're completely free from all worries. So I know what you mean when you want to just run away. During treatment, it sucks. Like you said, the only travel we do is going from home to the hospital and back. We of all people deserve a vacation. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to go on an amazing vacation soon! Hang in there, it'll happen :)
  • Seriously, just minutes after getting my cancer diagnosis, I told my wife that when I got better, we'd go to Hawaii. Shortly after that, I was put into a medically-induced coma for almost a month and my wife forgot. I did not. When I came to, I made sure she remembered it and we saved for a year and a half for the trip. I kept my word, and a year ago, we spent a week on the Big Island. It was so worth it. I was all bloated and fat from being on steroids for nearly a year, but I had a great time.
  • just got back from my little run away. cant wait to have a break between appointments to do it again :) may not have healed my cancer but definitly helped my mind and body in other ways
  • That all sounds so awsome. I would love to get away, but it doesn't look like there is anyway my health would allow it. So, I'm planning for a good chunk of time off when all this is over and just get away. Somewhere quite, with sun, and maybe get to dive - but that is stilll TBD.
  • monicats;4970 said:
    , and maybe get to dive - but that is stilll TBD.

    Just wanted to jump in here, sorry if it bursts your bubble, but if you are doing ABVD like I am, diving is no longer an option after treatment. The Bleo makes oxygen use dangerous for us hodgers!