Son of a...

Well, cancer took another one yesterday evening. My uncle passed away last night from bladder cancer that spread aggressively to his lungs. Cancer is now 3 for 4 against my family, and the survivor guilt is hitting me pretty hard now. No one in my family understands why I feel guilty, and I just can't explain it to them. I just want cancer to fuck right off and leave my family alone. :mad:


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  • Dammit Mark, I'm so sorry! I haven't had anyone close to me pass away from cancer since my fight, but even hearing your story gives me survivors guilt. Please know that you and your family are continually in my prayers. I'm so sorry for your loss Mark. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
  • :( I know it's hard not to feel guilty right now. Just try to remember that each cancer, each case, each fight, each moment is different for each of us. *hugs* Sending good energy your way.
  • Really sorry to hear that Mark, you're right cancer should leave your family alone- really not fair! I've had two grandparents pass away from cancer (one lung and the other melanoma) but it seems different as one died when I was little so I can hardly remember him and the other had already lived a long and full life... I do feel guilty at times though like I've had it too easy in my cancer just having surgery, seems silly but I guess survivors guilt one way or another is something a lot of us experience. I'm here for you if you need anything.
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    Sorry for you loss... life just isn't fair, is it...
  • Been there, so sorry for your loss. Thoughts are going out to you and your family, Mark.
  • I understand what you're going through. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer about two months after I got my diagnosis. During the course of her treatment they discovered she also had kidney cancer. She did 6 months of chemo and had surgery in June to remove the tumor in her breast and the one on her kidney. The docs said everything went well and there was a 95% chance she'd never have to worry about it again. Here we are 6 weeks later and she was told last week the cancer has moved to her central nervous system. She has two tumors in her spine, cancer in her spinal fluid, and 4 tumors in her brain. She's starting two weeks of radiation next week to hopefully relieve the symptoms, but that's all they can do.

    She's only 49 and has three children. Just a few short weeks ago she was told to go home and get better and get on with her life and now she's been told to go home and make arrangements. THIS SUCKS!!! My heart is breaking for my whole family as well as myself. It has scared the crap out of me how fast this progressed.
  • That's absolutely heart wrenching. My love is with you all right now :(