How is my ThyCa people doing this summer??

Its so hot I can't stand it. But it gets worse when you can't handle the heat or the cold.. I needed that stupid thyroid!
How are you??


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  • OMG. I knew not having a thyroid made me sensitive to cold, but I didn't understand that it made me sensitive to heat too until the other day!! I'm still emerging from hypo-hell post RAI, and I've been trying to take a short walk every evening to stay a bit active. A couple night ago I only got 10 minutes in and felt like I was going to pass out. I stopped and cried before walking back because I wasn't sure I'd make it. GAH. It's horrid.
  • I know right?!?! I live in Ohio and I used to hate the temperate climate when I was little, but now I'm thankful for it everyday! lol it was like 72 today so I was happy. I will be going to Vegas for a week to visit my friend and I'm beyond nervous about the climate and being able to do everything I want to (like hike in the mountains) but whatever we'll see what my body lets me do for this trip :/ or I'll just pass out doing what I want.. we shall see lol

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