Single and Cancer...

Hi, i am new here... I am 37, divorced in April 2011, have a 4 year old, a full time career and Cancer! What is a girl to do? I work full time and go out when I can but, fear meeting someone because I am afraid of the " I have to tell you something" moment..
My question is, Is it easier to date someone who themselves have gone through this or finding a someone who will understand?


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  • I was nervous about telling my boyfriend and so I would drop little hints here and there. then he just flat out asked me "why were you in the hospital?" and I told him. He was from that moment super supportive. He said he was thankful I survived so he could meet me, he would take care of me if I get sick again, he told me I wasnt allowed to get sick again hahaha and also that his mother had lung cancer when he was little, so he understands a bit. Keep your experience close to you, but be open about it. If it is less of a "thing" to you, it will be less of a thing to others. Who knows, they may have been affected by it before in their life. If they don't accept you after talking to them about it, they aren't worth your time.
  • I went the route of just flat out telling guys right at the start, and while it probably scared off some nice guys my boyfriend now wasn't scared- although his mother actually had breast cancer so maybe there is a trend here... people that already have experience with cancer personally or through a close friend or relative having it may be more understanding. I don't that means though that you couldn't find a wonderful understanding guy that hasn't had these experiences though, and as for telling him it's no fun but if he's a good guy he should be understanding and supportive.