Annoyed that I lost my job.

Well, on this past Saturday I got a letter from my job (specifically the Benefits Department) saying that my job had been terminated earlier in the month because I hadn't come back from sick leave (it's 52 weeks long). Now, one of my managers at the store (I worked at a grocery chain) figured all I probably would need to extend sick leave was a doctor's note. So I don't blame my store. No time before this did the company phone me or anything saying, "hey your sick leave's almost up, are you coming back?".

I'm supposed to finish treatment in December 2012. I'm not strong enough to work yet. I'm getting SSD, so that helps (as well as living with my parents). So yeah, it just annoys me. I'm sorry I got a disease that takes longer than 52 weeks to get better from. *grumbles* Just needed to vent a bit.


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    Sorry to hear about your job. That really sucks. They should have told you before hand it was running out. Maybe talk to the HR department and find out if they can do something for you since you didn't have warning.
  • Yeah, some warning would have been nice I'm sure- sorry to hear you lost your job!
  • hmmmm....something's not right. so you sent them a dr's note explaining your situation and why you could not come back at the and of the sick leave (52 weeks? is that correct?) and they don't even tell you that's not good enough to extend sick leave...they let you hang for another month...and then they fire you?

    that does not sound right. I'd look into the legality of such a move.
  • Ah no, I didn't send a doctor's note. I thought they would have told me if I needed to send one in (one of my managers at the store said I might need one - so it sounded like even she thought they wouldn't fire me). But yeah, other than that, no warning other than the letter.
  • ah. I worked for a grocery chain in high school and they were notoriously terrible about pretty much everything. went through 3 managers in my time there, and every time, the manager would not look through my file before making the schedule and signing me up for days I specifically said I could not work when I was hired. They were also not very good at accommodating me when I began to have knee problems (mostly from soccer, but I think the general lack of ergonomics for my position contributed).

    Knowing what I do now, I'd have pressed them hard to accommodate my legitimate medical problem because they are legally required to provide "reasonable accommodations". Unfortunately, I believe they took advantage of the fact that I was young and did not know my rights.

    In your case, I am not sure about what the employer needs to do. My good sensibilities tell me that they should have made an effort to keep in touch with you to find out how you're doing. I'm assuming they were aware of what was going on when you left on your medical leave in the first place? It sounds like your immediate supervisor knew what was going on with you.

    Laws in each state can vary, so I would definitely consult with a lawyer to find out if the corporate lackeys are trying to take advantage of you.
  • I worked at JCPenney's when I got diagnosed, and took leave right after my initial seizure. Two days after my surgery the HR department called and said they were terminating me for not renewing my leave, and I passed the phone right over to my mom who explained that I just had brain surgery and wasn't really with it. The lady was nice enough to terminate me "on her terms" which basically means I can be rehired.

    I'd try calling them and see if they can do something like that for you, maybe.
  • This sounds like bull to me. It's not your fault you have cancer! I was look into if this is legal or not! Steffanee, I would look into legal action also.
  • Yeah it does seem very odd. Even weirder? I've been trying to call the Benefits Department number and it's not working. I'll have to call my old store tomorrow and see if they can connect me to that department. On an unrelated note, I have to change how old I was when I got diagnosed. Whoops. XD Go me.