The Military

Anyone here connected to the military in any way? Like, you're in it, your significant other is in it, your sibling, cousin, best friend?

I just thought it'd be neat to have a thread to go to if you wanted to chat about it. I'm dating a guy who is in the Army, and he's deploying to Afghanistan probably in December. Not looking forward to it. :( But I think things will be fine. Always worried that cancer will come back while he's gone-that'd be super hard! I hope it doesn't happen. I'm also trying to get down all the lingo! So many acronyms and abbreviations, it's crazy! Anyway, just thought I'd ask. :)


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  • My wife and I grew up as military brats. Father-in-law was in the army, IIRC he did a lot of mapping with an armored division. He spent some time in Iraq during the first Gulf War, but left the service before putting in his 20yrs. My wife's family moved around a lot - they spent a few yrs in Germany.

    My dad was an Air Force mechanic when I was born. He worked on F-16s and A-10s. After I was born, he left active duty and finished off his 20yrs in the National Guard. He was mostly in the Signal Corps (communications equipment), but did a stint in the Armored Cavalry, too. His unit (Signal Corps) was one of the National Guard units pulled for security during the Atlanta Olympics. His time down there was pre-games (and pre-bombing). He was fortunate to have never been deployed. He went into the military post-'nam, so he missed all that. He was given the option to go to the first Gulf War, but he chose to stay home. Good thing, too, because some folks in his unit came back with that Gulf War Syndrome thing.

    My grandfather was in the Navy. I don't think he spent a long time in the service, but I do know he was in the service at the tail end of WWII in the Pacific. I don't think he actually saw any combat, though.
  • I come from a long line of Navy vets. My great-grandfather, my grandpa, and my dad were all in the Navy, and now my older brother is too. My dad joined just before the gulf war and also was deployed after 9/11. I think my grandpa was in Vietnam but I'm not sure. My brother is in training to be a nuke. My mom's dad was in the navy too.
  • I grew up as part of a Marine family. My Dad deployed twice, my cousin deplyed to Iraq twiice with the 4 ID, and my younger Brother is getting ready to go to Afghanistan with 2/5 Marines. Due to my health I wasn't able to join the military.
  • I am in the Air Force myself, before my diagnosis I was planning to become and intelligence officer in the Coast Guard. My whole family is military and most of them have been deployed at one time or another. If you have any questions feel free to ask and if I do not know the answer I can find out for you.
  • If you're still looking for support...

    Right here! Feel free to PM if you have any questions or concerns. I have A LOT of experience in this area both personally and professionally.
  • I was on track to go to the Air Force as a pilot before I got cancer. Now I'm kind of off on another path using my skills and education in geography. Had an amazing experience working on a military training exercise as a contractor recently, and I'm probably going to keep doing that until I get a more permanent job (and/or finish my grad school program). Also, I don't fly airplanes anymore, but that's ok.
  • My husband is an Air Force vet, though he went inactive before we met so I was never a military wife. My dad did his time in the Army for 8 years, one uncle was in the Navy during Korea, another uncle in the Army from Vietnam til just a few years ago, my cousin just retired from the Army, etc. Military ties run deep in my family, and many of my friends are either vets or currently deployed.

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