Mucoepidermoid carcinoma salivary gland, anyone?

If anyone can surprise me having the same as me it would be great! :p Never met anyone with this rare form of cancer.
I was diagnosed with this cute stupid cancer in 2009. It started in the submandibular salivary gland, and I had 3 recurrences since, the last one two weeks ago. So now I have a tiny lung metastasis to have fun with... :rockon:


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  • hey TitaXana, Welcome to the forums!!! While I did not have this same form of cancer, my treatments for tongue cancer royally messed with my salivary glands so I wonder if we've had some similar experiences. While they have returned somewhat to normal, the radiation changed my saliva to where it doesn't really do the job it's supposed to do. I'm now having to drink a lot of liquids with my meals just to get them down and have a problem with cotton mouth from time to time. Sorry to hear about the metastasis in your lung...hopefully the squash that little bastard quick! Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  • Hi, welcome :) I was diagnosed with melanoma- not even close sorry! It really sucks that your "cute" stupid cancer won't just go away and leave you alone... best of luck with treatment and everything.

  • Hi guys, thanks for answering and welcoming me to the forum!

    Jason: Yes, all my salivary glands were put out of order by the radiation, except for the right parotid which is the only one that still works. I also have lot's of difficulty swallow because of both the surgeries and radiotherapy. Like you, water helps! And in my case, I think it did get a little better since the treatments, but it was definitely not a big improvement... Maybe I just got more used to it, I don't know.

    Bye for now! :rockon:

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