Health Insurance

Does anyone else feel like jumping through the phone and strangling customer service at their health insurance?? Mine has been great up until dealing with Physical Therapy benefits. I had knee surgery in December 2010 and PT started in January 2011 (which took 10 visits) then had 3 visits while in the hospital after surgery. That leaves me with 7 PT visits. 2 of my 4 quad muscles had to be removed just to get the tumor out, do you think I can stand on my own. I have gone through the initial appeal and 1st level of appeal and am now just waiting to schedule a 2nd level of appeal.

Anyone have any suggestions? I asked them to move my OT and Speech Therapy visits over to PT but they have so far declined my requests.

I want to tell them "don't bite the hand that feeds you" as I make all the health insurance decisions for my company.