GBM Survivor with 5+ years

Hi Frnds,

I'm Vasanth from India. I'm a GBM tumor survivor with 5+ yrs. I was diagnosed by Jan 2006 and underwent Surgery followed by Radiotheraphy and Chemotheraphy for 2 months. I was advised to come for checkup every 6 month and MRI scan for every year for the next 5 yrs. I did that and went for my final MRI this March. Result came positive. There is no recurrence and so am fully cured. Doctors said that its a miracle. He didnt tell anything about my future checkup and he asked to reduce the tablets. Surprising and Shocking too..

- Left Occipital Glioblastoma Multiforme
- Diagnosed When i was 19 yrs old
- Now am 24 yrs old..
- Post Operative treatments - Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

I still have some fear regarding the survival period as i have to decide about my marriage life at this stage. Without knowing my survival period i dont want to give commitment to anyone. Is there anyone who can help me in that? I searched for the Longest survival rate for GBM tumors but i didnt get the proper information. What i heard is that on ly 1% of ppl with GBM tumor survive more than 5 yrs. If its true then, am an exception to cross that happily without any symptoms for the past 5 yrs.

To add more information about my GBM

The CT Scan report which was taken before the Surgery says,

- An isodense mass 2.5 x 1.9 cms involving the left side of the occipital lobe and deep left parietal lobe. The lesion shows no calcification.
- Grade III vasogenic odema present.
- Left occipital horn is effaced, the body of left lateral ventricle shows deformity and compression posteriorly.

As per my discharge summary:

Diagnosis: Left Occipital Glioblastoma Multiformae.

Surgery: Left Occipital Craniotomy and Excision of Tumour.


After proper immobilisation, treatment planning and simulation, patient was started on external beam radiotherapy on Linear Accelerator. Using 6 MV photons a total dose of 60 Gy in 30 fractions was given to the brain lesion by 3 field parallel pair technique from 30-01-2006 to 13-03-2006.


Took Tablet Gliotem 140mg and Graniset 1 mg, 30 minutes before radiotheraphy.

Any kind of suggestions are welcome for this post as i need to get the feedbacks from the experts here for my case...



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  • From what I understand the probability of long-term survival increases quite a bit after 5 years without symptoms. If you check this site or go to YASG (Young Adults Surviving Glioblastoma) you'll find a group of survivors. Certainly we have statistics saying the two of us are outliers...but we're not evading death...we're just alive.

    I, too, am a GBM survivor, 24 years old. It's been a bit over two years after my diagnosis and I'm doing well with no sign of recurrence. I try to stay very healthy just in case I have to deal with cancer again, but I'm enjoying my life.

    As far as marriage, you'll have to work toward your own answer. At first I felt it was selfish to enjoy a relationship when I had no clue what my future would bring. But the fact is, no one has any clue either. Again, yes...the statistics can be scary, but they don't and never will dictate the future.

    I do think that our situation does necessitate total honesty, though. I've been on several dates and since my diagnosis I've had a few relationships. Within the first three dates or so I share everything I know about my illness. I make sure they understand the statistics, give my interpretation of what those statistics mean and explain my regiment that keeps me healthy just in case I have a recurrence. They understand the risks and they decided whether or not they want to share my life, all of it.

    Good luck figuring things out, I hope this helps a bit.

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