sleeping pills STILL...

Hey guys! This is actually my first post on the forum :] So after I was diagnosed [ALL] I became a major insomniac.. I never had an issues before but I'm guessing from the medications, anxiety and just getting used to the hospital waking me up every hour, I was just NEVER falling asleep. I was taking benadryl to help at the beginning and then I told my doctor and she prescribed me ambien. Its definitely helped me sleep a little better. I didn't want to become reliant on a pill to help me sleep so i stopped taking it and didn't sleep for 3 days. Now I have it my mind that I won't get any sleep if I DONT take it. I'm now in my maintenance cycle and the side affects aren't as bad as they were a year ago. I'm also STILL taking the ambien, although I brought the dose down to half....Do you think its bad that I'm still depending on a sleeping aid??

p.s-I tried all the natural remedies like lavender and melatonin


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  • I took ativan for about a year. It never made me sleep or even made me tired but it did free my mind from roaming thoughts. I ramped up and then weened off. I think for me it was totally metal. If I forgot to take it and then remembered a couple hours later I wouldn't be able to relax without it. I also think that it is really a little thing that enables you to get through a tough time.
  • Firstly no, i dont think its bad that you use a pill to get rest. I was on steroids after my surgery and would go literally for weeks at a time without sleep, it was the worst kind of torture. I would close my eyes and my body would rest but my mind never stopped and i was always aware of whatever was going on around me. The drugs i had were the only relief i had and i am so thankful i had them. I am a naturalist and despise being dependant on anything, especially man made pharmacuticals, but i had to stop and realize that they were in fact helping me. I still sometimes take either valium or a natural sleep aid when i am having a hard time. (obviously Valium is for those really rough nights, Calms forte is for the mediocre nights)
    I know people who do not have health issues who use Ambien and other sleep aids and thats all it is, an aid. Its ok to have help sometimes. Especially if you are dealing with the type of stuff we have to.
  • Thanks guys :] I feel better about it now