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Pink ribbons on everything

Ok, I understand that it's a good thing that there is so much awareness for breast cancer. I didn't have it, but I have breasts so theoretically I could. And I'm glad that there is so much awareness for at least one kind of cancer. but seriously, come on, pink ribbons on cutting boards, grocery store cupons, shoes, water bottles everything. Why not ALL cancer awareness, but no, pink breast cancer EVERYTHING. What about lung cancer, testicular cancer cervical cancer, and those are just the cancers in my house. but no everything is pink...


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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. What's been bothering me just as much, is - isn't the American Cancer Society supposed to be neutral?? Supporting all cancers?? If yes, why don't we see them sponsoring TV commercials for Leukemia/Lymphoma. Didn't see 1 commercial for Children's Cancer Month, but, I've seen plenty by the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer (not that it's a bad thing) - just shows you sex sells, even dealing with cancer. Sad very sad
  • I feel the same way. Breast cancer stuff is a bandwagon and it's the "in" thing for a company to do - stick a pink ribbon on a product, or make one that's all pink in order to join up. There's actually a company out there called Purely Custom that makes all sorts of colored bike parts. I saw that they have an awareness ribbon spinning valve stem cap for your inner tubes, and I wanted one for leukemia. No surprise that they have a pink ribbon, but no orange one.

    They will, however, do a set of orange (leukemia) ones on request.
  • I like how all the schools around me are having a "pink out". I figured "who wants breast cancer, everyone has that". No I had to get the cancer no one hears of! And my color is also yellow which is hard because you see yellow ribbons all over for soldiers. So would love to get a yellow ribbon tattoo, but dont' want people to think it's for the military (which I whole heartedly support).
  • Yup. I'm with ya.

    My cancer seems split though. Some places I see it labeled as orange, other times green. My fave color is green, so I stick with that. haha
  • As I typed that I got an email from Coach (the purse place) and yep they're having a sale on pink purses. Where is my yellow purse??
  • It's all around here who loves BOOBIES? lol brain cancer isn't all that popular for one I think it scares the crap out of most people LOL not lol but lol that they wouldn't want a gray ribbon instead of pink. I hope that one day people realize that all cancers need attention, awareness, adovocates, to help raise money for research and support, so we start helping more and more people across the board! That would be amazing.
    At our local relay I made up lavendar ribbons to sell, btw some had pins on them too, people wore them bought them up and that is the color ribbon that represents all cancer awareness and support. So that's how I feel.!
  • I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this. I'm glad that there is cancer awareness, but then again, how many people aren't aware of cancer, no matter the type? I do wish the whole breast cancer thing weren't just about breasts and could be about all types of cancer even though I understand that breast cancer is one of the most common types. When I tell most people about NHL they think I'm talking about hockey.
  • Autumn Dale;5090 said:
    It's all around here who loves BOOBIES?

    I think the only people who don't love boobies are gay men. And even some of them do.

    no wonder their marketing does so well.
  • What gets me is all the products out there with pink on them and when you look closely, only a couple of cents of every dollar you spend goes to breast cancer research. I'd rather directly donate my own $0.25 rather than buy your $20 candle!
  • I wish cancer could be defined by pink - all cancer. Just today, in the grocery store, I saw the kringles were made into a ribbon shape and frosted in pink. The department store has iluminated the outside of the buliding in pink lights and ribbons.
    I did hear a commercial today from the American Cancer Society - it was for a breast cancer walk but talked about how all cancers need to be supported and the best way to do that is through them.
    I had rectal cancer and I am thrown in with colon cancer - don't even get my own identity.
  • I was rolling my eyes watching the Texans/Steelers game as all the players are wearing pink gloves, carrying pink towels, and have pink ribbons on their helmets. Made me think of this discussion. Then I saw a segment about how all that pink stuff will be auctioned off later to benefit the ACS. It could be worse.
  • Lavender is ALL cancer awareness?!

    Lavender huh, who knew. Cool. Too bad I look terrible in lavender.
  • I had rectal cancer and I am thrown in with colon cancer - don't even get my own identity.[/QUOTE]

    Well those are two different places you should have your own identity.
    Good thing I hate the color pink!!
  • mtbikernate;5109 said:
    I was rolling my eyes watching the Texans/Steelers game as all the players are wearing pink gloves, carrying pink towels, and have pink ribbons on their helmets. Made me think of this discussion. Then I saw a segment about how all that pink stuff will be auctioned off later to benefit the ACS. It could be worse.

    I was watching one of the games with my hubby and thought the same thing! I tried to discuss the overuse of pink but he didnt really get it. Said that the other cancers just need to do what they (B.C.) are doing to get it out there more!
  • All cancers need to get out there but what if you have a small "population". IE Sarcoma (only 1% of all adult cancers) and thats not the 50+ subtypes, it's hard to say " extraskeletal myxoid chondroscaroma awareness month (there are only 250 cases per year)". But breast cancer Thousands of cases, and it's been known about longer. But still hate that they emphasize pink
  • I totally get it - and I have breast cancer. October has become something like Valentine's Day with all the friggin' pink. I'll tell you though, I'm really glad that so much attention is drawn to it compared to years ago, when it was a shameful "secret" someone's mother/grandmother had to live with and with the limited treatments, didn't live for long. As some people have said, it's a very common disease, hence the attention paid to it today. I do wish though that other cancers were focused on more. The thing is, many other cancers DO get attention - just obviously not as much as BC. There are Lymphoma walks and lung cancer walks - I know, bec. in my cancer group I have both types of patients who participate in them. I believe that ovarian cancer is designated by a blue ribbon now... I think the point is, different types of cancers shouldn't be "rated" by a ribbon - brown, pink blue, etc. As long as research is still being done and there are support groups, I think that's the most important thing. BTW, my husband's aunt just passed away from a very rare gallbladder cancer. It's so rare that there's only one type of treatment for it and it barely works. What I would have loved is not a national gallbladder cancer month with a green ribbon, but more research to treat it as well as more access to information. This goes for any type.
  • There aren't near enough months in the year for all the different types of cancer... apparently there are more than 200 different types of cancer (according to a quick google search) which means I suppose we could assign each cancer a day of the year but I'm not sure if that would really be helpful! What is really needed for each type of cancer is funding for research and support for those that have it- hopefully one way or another that will happen sooner rather than later. Technically other months are for some different types of cancer already, for example May is for skin cancer awareness and prevention (which definitely makes sense right before summer starts to talk about the dangers of tanning), there just isn't near as much done these other months for other common types of cancer... it would be so awesome if in May Safeway would start collecting donations for skin cancer research! But then since we can all have a personal interest in the type of cancer we have of course we especially want to see stuff being done for it, I admit my interests are a bit biased :)
  • "BTW, my husband's aunt just passed away from a very rare gallbladder cancer. "
    Thats odd I know someone that just passed away from a very rare gallbladder cancer. Was she from Nebraska??
  • Natilator;5195 said:
    "BTW, my husband's aunt just passed away from a very rare gallbladder cancer. "
    Thats odd I know someone that just passed away from a very rare gallbladder cancer. Was she from Nebraska??

    Nope - Long Island, NY.
  • I had breast cancer and I was diagnosed the last day of September so seeing all the pink just reminds me of what I went through and brings back weird memories like they were from a dream. Yes, it is nice to see awareness but October is not a fun month for me which sucks since it is my moms birthday month. I also see women where survivor shirts which is something I could not do. I have always enjoyed going unnoticed and cancer took that away from me, which is exactly why I could not bring myself to wear a shirt like that. Where I live though there is pink ribbons around all year because there is a specialized breast cancer center here and it is very common knowledge of what we have going on here. I think that the deal with football players wearing pink is the novelty of it all, tough big men wearing pink opens more eyes than blue or green.
  • It will probably take some time for you to be ready, but it really is a perfect opportunity for you to OWN your cancer. You mentioned in another thread that you want to gain some confidence. This can be one way to build your confidence. Make cancer your bitch. Own it, don't be shy about it, and be proud of it.

    I wasn't at first, but I am now proud to be a leukemia survivor. So many people know someone who died from it, especially in the past. My wife's grandfather died from it. I have connected with people whose husbands and children and other family members have died from it. Leukemia didn't get ME because I OWNED leukemia. And I think about the people who have been taken by leukemia on a regular basis, and I want to honor and represent them the best I can. The best way I know is to be unafraid to talk about it, to be willing to wear it on my shirt whenever I feel like it.

    I don't think you should avoid awareness campaigns ESPECIALLY if it's a cancer you are surviving or have survived. The "pinkwashing" that tends to bug me is that which shows up on product packaging to try to sell an item. I don't see most of those companies change up the cancer charities they support. Why don't they toss any money to brain cancer or skin cancer or thyroid cancer or any other cancer at other times of the year?
  • I totally agree with this.... and I also have breast cancer. October is like Christmas for me. Everyone buys me a "pink" gift. I am to the point that I am going to have to build on a room, just to house everything.
    And I don't mean to sound rude, but there is only so many pink shirts, bracelts, and pens that one person can own happily.
    Also I would rather support cancer as a whole. Why does it have to be segregated? We are all fighters and survivors. It all sucks, there is no good cancer....
  • I think that the pink is a bit overdone, but I have always been of this thought: IF all the pink causes the world to find a cure for breast cancer, that's a cure for cancer right there. There would be many other cancers that would benefit from that information.

    I did find that NHL's color is lime green (which happens to be one of my favorite colors) and they do sell both ribbons and bracelets. But again, how much of that money actually goes to research?
  • the thing is, "cancer" is not one disease. it's hundreds of diseases each with its own causes. genetic, viral, environmental exposure, dietary, etc, etc. a "cure" for one cancer does not mean anything for other cancers. and for that matter, many existing treatments can result in long term "cures" but they are wrought with terrible immediate and long-term side-effects so there's still work to be done.

    a college friend of mine knitted an orange blanket (leukemia color) for me while I was in the hospital. I treasure that blanket. it was a touching gift, and it kept me warm in cold waiting rooms. the color orange means a lot to me, but not because of any charity ribbons. it's because of that blanket. let people have their ribbons and colors to support their favorite causes. they're easy symbols to remember something by. I get disgusted when that whole message becomes corporate the way the pink ribbons have become. pink ribbons don't mean breast cancer anymore...they mean Komen.
  • I have Uterine Cancer (Endometrial to be exact) and I hate that every thing is about BREAST Cancer... There are so many different types of cancers can't we just promote awareness for all?
  • According to the American Cancer Society more people under the age of 40 die from brain cancer than any other I guess that's why LESS THAN 1% of their funding goes towards brain cancer...obviously it's showing.

    After my diagnosis/surgery a very good friend of mine got me a scarf to cover up my shaved/stapled head. It was a bit too fancy being from Coach, the thought was nice, but it was also Pink Ribboned out! With proceeds going to the Komen fund. Geez, here I am dealing with my new brain tumor but thanks for the breast cancer scarf.
  • Thank you to the last few ladies! (those of you before, too) I, too, am sick of pink! The breast cancer cause has their own support groups, care centers, patient navigators, resources, etc. and, at least in Colorado, their own license plates! Barf! What about the rest of us?! But as I tell everyone, breasts are sexier than a colon...Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who thinks these unfair thoughts! ;)
  • SACMSACM Community Member
    Can't we plead to America and the American Cancer Society to make a movement that
    these companies and sports teams support all types of cancer--- let's,
    for example, make lavender and January the support all cancers
    month.....October can still have their pink (sad that liver cancer has
    to share the month of October).  We all need support, no matter what
    type of cancer we have or our loved ones have.  By supporting all
    cancers, cancer research in general can get a big boost and advance more
    rapidly and help more people (and pets).  Let's start a movement! If the ice bucket challenge worked
    for ALS, then we can do it for all types of cancer!  Post this idea
    (make January and lavender support ALL cancers month) on your facebook
    pages, tweets, etc.....instead of just talking about it, let's do
    something about it!  Who's in????
  • BergieBergie Community Member
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    I feel the same way and then I feel guilty about feeling the same way because at least it's being acknowledged. I feel like childhood cancer awareness doesn't get any recognition. Not only do we get no funding but no one plasters september in gold for childhood cancer the way they do october with pink! Just a little bit of jealousy on my part I guess haha. Don't want to take away from breast cancer just wish more funding and attention were given to childhood cancers!
  • Okay I love and support all cancer survivors and it is the money donated that supports me financially in clinical trials but I CAN NOT STAND BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. I understand it is for a good cause but I have a giant sarcoma that has moved into my breast and created a giant tumor taking over my entire right boob and I hate it. It's not "breast cancer" but its cancer in my booby and it sucks that that is the ONLY cancer recognized at this time. Again, it is very common, especially in people's family members but screw the pink ribbons on everything! I honestly would rather people just take the dollar and give it to cancer organizations directly instead of wearing it proudly on their fancy new purchases. Or people could just give me the dollar directly and I could use it to buy bras that are custom made around my giant boob tumor. This discussion is so real.