Frustrated? That's an understatement!!

It's been awhile since I have posted on the forums (we moved during the summer and I am just now settling in =)) but I really feel the need to vent!

Earlier this week I took my daughter Lauren to see a gynecological oncologist to address some vaginal fibrosis from the 31 radiation treatments she received last year. She is in premature ovarian failure and is being treated with bio-identical hormone cream (we tried troche's but she didn't like the way they tasted). Unfortunately, we were told that surgery really isn't an option because the tissue is unhealthy (irradiated) and will 1) "most likely" not heal after surgery and 2) will "most likely" return. Aside from the normal reasons (listed above) on why I would want to vent, I am PISSED that none of this was discussed with us prior to the radiation treatments. As I have been doing as much research as I can the last two days, I find that there are ways to treat this during and after treatment (vaginal dilator). What ever happened to QUALITY OF LIFE???? If she would have been a few years older, would this have been discussed? I am so angry I just want to punch someone (I need to take some kickboxing classes). In all honesty, after a few days of cooling down, I have half a mind to write a nice letter to her radiation oncology team at Alta Bates in Berkeley. Simply giving me a f***ing handout listing possible side effects isn't good enough. DISCUSS IT! I am sure all of you agree that DURING the visits, you are kind of in a fog (that's why it is always good to take someone with you who can ALSO remember things discussed! LOL). As if the diagnosis itself isn't enough, the long term effects are over-whelming!

Thanks! Now I think I will go find someone to punch! :rolleyes2: