15 year old daughter has Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

Our daughter was diagnoised with ALCL September 7,2011 It has been a emotional rollercoaster. Her spirit is excellent! Her chemo treatments have not made her real sick but she gets tired real quick. We moved to Virginia a year ago and all our family is in NY so we sometimes feel alone. Our daughter has to be homebound taught which make her sad because she misses her friends at school. Trying to learn as much as we can about her disease. I am glad that this site is here! We are going to have our daughter sign up so she can see she is not alone.


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  • Glad to hear she's doing well. Cancer can make you feel pretty lonely, but she's definitely not alone! Praying for the best for all of you. :)
  • Our son, Westley (14), Was diagnosed with ALCL on Oct. 4th 2011. We are making weekly trips to UVA in Charlottesville for his treatments. He gets pretty lonely too. He dressed up the weekend after halloween for all of the other kids on the ward to cheer them up. He keeps trying to do little things to keep his spirits up but sometimes he just can't help it. I know how you feel. It rips me apart to not be able to fix everything for him. I try to keep such a sunny outlook because positive thought really does help but sometimes I just want to scream my head off! He should be at the mall with friends, playing tag in the neighborhood, looking at cars with his dad, going to movies with friends... anything except checking his blood counts, making sure to sanitize, wearing a mask if we go to dinner, asking his friends if they are sick before allowing them to come over, shaving his beautiful hair off, not being able to finish simple tasks because his energy took a dive...

    I shouldn't be complaining, I really shouldn't. He is doing so well as compared to a lot of other children but it is still my baby. It is still cancer. I still have a right to be upset. I have to keep reminding myself daily to allow myself to cry. I have a right, no matter how good he is doing. I guess I am telling you it isn;t easy and allow yourself to cry. Allow her to cry. Appreciate the good things but don't deny the basic urge to cry things out.

    I am not sure where you are in Virginia but there is an organization called speciallove.org . They have camps for cancer kids and their families. They hold special events like ski weekends and everything. The kids are welcome to participate for 3 years past cure date. It is a great way for kids with cancer to meet other kids that know what they are going through and what they are dealing with. They are having a Christmas party on Dec. 4th in Alexandria. We are going to try to make it up that weekend as well.

    Check out the site. If you are anywhere close it might be a good way for her to feel a little more normal. Any little bit helps.