How to define the big C.

As a cancer patient at only 25 years old, I get asked by many of my friends what cancer is like. Initially I had a really hard time trying to articulate what it feels like to have this disease, but after thinking for a bit, I came up with this:

cancer is apprehension

cancer is vulnerability

cancer is uncertainty

cancer is volatility

cancer is inconvenience

cancer is terrifying

cancer is misfortune

cancer is humbling

cancer is sleep deprivation

cancer is frustration

cancer is sadness

cancer is anger

cancer is alienating

cancer is painful

cancer is annoyance

cancer is torturous

cancer is emotional and

cancer is tiring, but

cancer is not the end.


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  • thankfully I've never had anyone ask me what cancer is like. I'll tell you what it's's like something you don't want. but it is very true that cancer is not necessarily the end. it's just such an individual experience that the way it was for me is not necessarily the way it was for you or for anyone else who has fought it. there are many commonalities where we survivors find a connection with each other, but I do not feel obligated to describe or define my cancer experience to anyone.

    I do feel like I have an obligation to other survivors and fighters, but all anyone else needs to know is that the experience sucks. to survivors and fighters, I will actually talk about how it affected me in positive ways. trying to describe the positives to others just ends up baffling most of them.
  • I don't know how to define cancer but what I can tell you is that cancer doesn't define who I am.
  • This list could go on and on I'm sure! Standing next to someone having cancer, I feel like I have it too, to a point of course.