Thanks, cancer, for ruining my Halloween.

You stupid fucking disease. First, you attack my health and ruin everything I've worked for in terms of my own physical fitness. Then, you attack my parent's finances as you are going to cost over $1,000,000 to combat. And now, you've taken happiness from me. There is only one holiday that I truly enjoy, and this year was going to be the best Halloween yet. I fucking hate you, cancer. I HATE YOU.

Sure, I try to stay positive. And I do a good job of that for the most part. I can look you in the eye, cancer, and say, "YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME" but on this night, you have gotten the best of me by raising my ire and making me emotional. You have dragged me so far down that even writing this hate letter is making me exhausted.

No costume parties. No gawking at scantily-clad women. No delicious, unhealthy candy. No scaring young children until they squirt urine.

364 days a year I can deal with you. But now you've fucked me over on my favorite time of year. I won't forget this, cancer. I will somehow get my revenge. I will kill you, cancer. And bury you so deep and remote in the woods that even a trace of you shall never be found. What's that you say, cancer? I'll never get away with this? Oh, just you wait. I've been plotting your demise since the day you came into my life. You don't stand a chance. You may have won this battle, but you'll never win the war. I will make you my bitch, or die trying.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Except cancer. Cancer can fuck off and die somewhere.
So kiss my ass and suck my dick, cancer. :twisted: