Have you lost or gained faith in god?

I'm curious to know how my fellow cancer patients feel about this topic.

Before I was diagnosed, I was not a religious person. My position is that I don't believe in god, and I'm quite sure that if one exists that this god or gods do not bother intervening in the personal lives of human beings. I always hear people tell me that, because I have received lots of support from my friends and family, that I am "blessed". My reply is always the same: If I am blessed, why do I have cancer in the first place?

So, who among you has lost faith in god? Gained faith in god? Has your faith or lack of faith remained exactly the same?

A lot of my family and friends tell me they are praying for me. I welcome their prayers as a gesture of good will on their behalf, but I most certainly do not pray. In fact, since I was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed, I have not even felt compelled to, as some call it, "find god". Simply because I have cancer does not mean I can suspend my disbelief about men rising from the dead and virgins bearing children. I appreciate what religion can do for some people, and I appreciate it's notion of altruism but I just cannot bring myself to accept that a loving god would ever let his own creations be afflicted with something as awful as cancer.

Just my two cents.


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  • neither.

    my beliefs on the matter are my own, based on my own understanding of the Bible and the world around me. "a loving God" is not part of that, per se. God had nothing to do with my cancer - I have a strong reason to believe that exposure to secondhand smoke has everything to do with why I developed cancer.

    Furthermore, God does not affect the way I handle everything I've been through. That is all on me. I am the one who decides how to react to my circumstances. I can choose to freak out, I can choose to be angry, I can choose to "roll with the punches", and I can choose to get frustrated.
  • Great question - I'm really interested to see what people think!

    I do believe in God (I'm Catholic), and honestly, the more I go through things like this, the more I believe He really is there. As far as why God would let anyone get cancer...it's a fallen world and bad things happen; I don't expect God to pad my life and make it perfect, I just expect Him to be there and walk me through the rough times. And, I think that without God things like cancer would be much worse. Even though the disease is nasty, there are good things that come from it: maturity, friends and family coming together (seen this in mine, rather surprisingly), and friends and relationships that might not otherwise have happened. I don't think those things would be there without God.

    Sometimes, and this doesn't just apply to cancer but to any bad thing, the bad stuff ends up causing something good, even if it's not apparent until years down the road. I've had some unfortunate things happen in life, where I was absolutely miserable and couldn't see any point to it, yet looking back, a decade or so later, there was definitely a point. If one is willing to at least be open to the possibility, things start jumping out. It's kind of interesting.
  • I believe in God but I am having a hard time dedicating myself to him. I forget to pray and my husband isn't a believer so that makes it more difficult. I take the Bible more as guidelines and not so literally. This whole experience hasn't changed my view of Him, though. I believe that He is always looking out for me and my family and won't give me anything I can't handle. I think that crap in life just happens and its those times that make you stronger and shape you into the person you are.
  • I do believe in God but I can't honestly say my faith has been strengthened or weakened by cancer. Getting cancer shows us who really cares for us and who is willing to fall by the way-side to not have to deal with "it". I can't say that I've lost friends after having cancer but you can tell which friendships are strong and which ones are not as strong.
    God won't give me anything I can't handle. From the time I was little my aunt has always said "you're going to change the world", maybe this is how it's going to happen.
  • I completely agree about the friends thing. It seems like I'm always there when they need it but I am still waiting for someone to come visit me other than family. I've straight up told them where to go and the days I will be in and that I would really like some company and still nothing.
  • Great topic, im also interested to see what other people think since i dont talk about this topic to anyone but my parents pretty much.

    I grew up in a christian family, going to church as a kid and always believed in god. I was never a very religious person and havent been to church since i was a kid. After going through things i been through in the past year or two, not just cancer, my faith in god has grown tremendously. There were a few times we didnt know if i was going to make it and after praying about it my worries just went away and i felt a peace about myself like i just knew everything was going to be ok, meanwhile other people were very nervous including doctors. Another thing was our health insurance didnt cover Johns Hopkins (the hospitial we decided i would be treated at no matter what) My parents are very religious and prayed about it alot. The day i was starting chemo our insuranse which has been the same for years and years, provided by my Dads job, magically changed to united, who does cover Hopkins. If that haddent changed we wouldnt have a house right now. Most recently i needed to get surgery out of state but because of lung problems i wasnt able to fly. We had to make a 10 hour drive, we dont have a car big enough and with the pain i was in i wouldnt be able to sit in a car that long anyway. We looked up RV's and renting them, they are not cheap. But we could fit everything we needed and i could lay down in it and have room to stretch out. And not knowing how long we would be there was causing problems with rental companies. A few days later we got a phone call from someone in my grandmothers church, she knew our situation from prayer requests my grandmother put in. We have never met her, she had an RV she wouldnt let anyone use even her son and other family. She said she felt she needed to lend us her RV to take out of state.

    These are a few "God moments" as my family calls them. So my faith has definitely grown. To me i believe God plays a big role in my life. I dont know why he allows people to suffer with with things like cancer but i learned alot of life leasons i dont think i would of ever learned if i never had gone through cancer, so maybe thats part of it. But i dont know if i will ever fully understand until i ask him myself.
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    God is a human concept. So is religion. For me god is the frequency of life expression moving through the biological filter on this planet. We assign it meaning & miracle value based in our own understanding & exploration. Your relationship with this frequency is very personal & unique. For me it’s that silent aspect that watches the narrative aspect of the mind.

    Humans are tribal or social mammals. Religion, spirituality & atheism are based on our own understanding & social engagement of this concept. Basically the question should be what story or reason do you assign to your cancer? What are your beliefs about death? What gives you comfort or helps you cope? Use that. Whether it be God, spirituality or a philosophy as a support to healing.

    I believe we work with the frequency that expresses through us. We are systems that operate to achieve our present yet constantly changing consciousness. See life as something to be experienced. Every experience is a lesson that will help you grow. This experience is stretching you & those around you. I hope all is well & you found the comfort you sought when you first posted.