Sick of bring sick and tired

I know many of you guys go through the same thing but i am just tired of being sick. Im tired of throwing up, Im tired of being forgotten by my friends, I just want to be normal and never have to deal with this ever again. I have been emotional a lot this this week and don't know why? does chemo play a role? Thanks for listening i could use a friend who understands.


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  • *hugs* I definitely know how you feel. I don't really have any advice, but I just wanted you to know you're not alone.

    Its all super exhausting. Most days you just don't know how to continue on. Just focus on getting better and eventually things will start looking up.
  • Do you take any meds containng Steroids?? Large amounts can cause emotional issues. Ask your Ocologist about intractions between the medictaions you are taking, as well as any medictions taken in the past. Some medictions take time to fully break down and can sit in your body long after they are taken.
  • I know how you feel. It sucks to feel that way. One day things are ok then the next day You feel like crap and wanna cry and break stuff. Its impossible to avoid it but I try to stay busy and keep my mind off of it. Have frinds over, get into t.v. shows or movies, exercise if i can, play video games go out if I can. I do anything to try and feel, so called "normal" my sister was cutting the grass one day, I was having one of those days your describing. Desperate to feel "normal" I started the weed wacker and did the sidewalk, it felt good at the time but i regret it the next day. I was exhausted and my back was killing me. It was worth it to me though ha. But you are deffinetally not alone.
  • (((HUGS))) I don't know if chemo plays a role or not. But anxiety and depression and all of the above I'm pretty sure is a cancer thing all around. My husband takes anti depressants and that seems to help somewhat. It's hard to tell though with him, he hides alot. You sound like you mainly need some support. Reach out and talk to someone at your cancer center...we have a great support system available although dont' use for free too with ours. There is usually a social worker too that can maybe find you some support group. I wish you well :)
  • I get it. I so badly want to be able to do what I was able to pre cancer. I don't like feeling theathered to my doctors or my treatments. And I hate feeling left out of some of the really cool things my friends and I used to do. But I've stopped striving to recreate my previous life. It's gone and I've had to mourn it. New normal in my opinion is a bunch of crap. I'm now just trying to live in and for the moment and appreciate what I've got going right now. Alot of times it blows donkeys. But sometimes it's not all bad.

    Your meds could play a role in your emotional well being too. My prednisone makes me really edgy and short with people. Some of my chemo drugs made me completely irrational so I'd do or buy things that I wouldn't normally have done. There are alot of side effects to these meds that the docs don't tell you about or that are unique to you. Remember that it's not you it's the meds and that none of this is your fault. We're here and we get it.