too much alone time?

hi, i'm new here/new to forums in general, so bear with me. does anyone feel a huge difficulty connecting with new people post cancer?


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  • to some extent, I do. less so now that I'm no longer getting treatment or dealing with major side-effects. the things I do day-to-day are the same things my friends do. but when I was getting active treatment and for about a year or so after stopping active treatment, my life revolved around my recovery. I didn't have much else to talk about except for my recovery or treatment and most people just don't know how to relate with that. I talked to other survivors a lot more than non-cancer folks at that point in time.
  • I have a similar problem, being that I am 22 and am now 7 years out, the people I seem to end up being around seem to be reckless and immature, which is why I don't keep friends long, my best friends are cancer survivors and their siblings. They have been the ones most down to earth that I have found.