People are A$$holes. Why?

Just one of those weeks I suppose. I started (more, round 2 trying to stop a relapse) treatment this week again. I had been talking about trying to go back to school the last few weeks and was told by not one but two people this week that I should just forget it because I'm a leech on the system (even though I'm working finally again with benefits to cover my prescriptions and I don't get ANYTHING from the gov't or anyone) and that I should just give up because I'll never amount to anything. The 2nd even went so far as to tell me that I've already passed my due date and it's just time for me to expire. WTF??? I'm working, I keep to myself, I don't deserve this! But it's dragged me further in the dumps. Why do people bully like this? Wasn't this done in elementary school??