I hope these forums are used


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  • My son is 19 and has an osteosarcoma. He has been given 10 months.
  • I'm really glad this is here, I've been posting at the LLS site, and find that there I'm dealing mostly with Parents of young children. There's a big void in life experience there (thought I have learned a lot there). I hope the "young adults" that use i2y, get the word out to their parents, caregivers to come here.
  • I was diagnosed with Leukemia when i was 18 turning 19 in a couple months. My mom was with me every step of the way & even though we fought, there's no way I could've gotten through it without her. I'm 20 now & have been in remission of little over a year & my mom still comes with me to every doctor appointment I have. I read your other post about your son laying in your lap & I can totally relate to him. At this age we think we're so strong & don't need our parents anymore, but when it comes right down to it, you guys are the only ones we want to be with in this time of helplessness. You both will be in my prayers :) & good luck!
  • My daughter was diagnosed with PNET/Sarcoma in May of 2009 she completed a year of hard core chemo and is now in remission. She was 24 at diagnosis and in October had her 26th birthday. We are getting busy living with this and have much to share. Treatment and post treatment. Our children need us no matter how old they are. 1 to 100 if we are alive they are still our babies. Please do not hesitate to vent here we (parents) need to know that we are not alone. We need to prop each other up so that we can stay strong. xxoogg