Venting and kinda curious

Well let's just start as to why I am frustrated. Today I was asked by my grandfather to get some milk and eggs from the store very easy task didn't mind it at all in fact jumped up to do it at the time. He told me that I shouldn't go then unless we need anything else just wait a little while. Well I started working on a research paper for school wasn't paying attention to the time and forgot about it :( I know I have it made where I live he doesn't charge me rent he feeds me I just do what he asks of me and I don't mind it at all. Truth is that I forget alot of things, I have as long as I can remember going back to treatment but not ever before that, even my mom said that after treatment I would just seem to lose things in my head, and I am frustrated with myself it is not even anyone else's fault. I am over 7 years out of treatment and transplant yet I still have problems focusing, remembering as well as other simple things in that nature. My family always jokes about "Chemo Brain" and I would half jokingly to never really believing it. Idk what I should do it is not like I don't challenge my mind brain games iq test just nothing seems to help with the retention. Guess I am starting to wonder if "Chemo Brain" is something legit and if it possibly could be still affecting me even so far out of treatment.

Well now that I blew off some steam back to trying to write my paper.


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  • I think all of us on this forum have been there. I forgot some profoundly obvious things before I ever got sick and nowadays it's far worse what with the chemobrain and the effects of spending 18 days in a coma with severe brain stem swelling.

    more than 10yrs ago when i was an undergrad, I completely forgot to register for classes for an ENTIRE WEEK because I was so focused on a project I was working on. Recently, I forgot to teach a class for my adviser. I made a calendar entry for it, and it was in my face every day for a week, but I still forgot it because it wasn't part of my regular schedule and I had other stuff on my mind.

    I was at a party last night and something came up in conversation and a couple people said, "oh, he just has brain damage" and a couple of people looked at me like they weren't sure if it was a joke or not. I had only just met them so that's no surprise. We had to reassure them that it was both true AND something of a joke, and that we named my brain damage Harold.
  • ive lost my memory twice. just a few years before chemo and then again during chemo i lost almost everything. i also struggle making new memories even when i really try. my concentration is crap. i hear from a lot of people that chemo brain is real. my friends and i also refer to it as my brain damage. i dont have answers since i had previous issues but nothing as severe as after chemo. i do have the theory that it could be from a combination of stress, chemical changes, drug interactions, or poor nutrition... since these have all shown to affect the brains ability to process.

    i have noticed that vitamins help but that might just be that i remember to take them during the times that my brain is working and i forget otherwise. shrug.

    ps. having to write a paper does not help! haha i am trying to read an article and i cant remember the last sentence by the time i am reading the next one.
  • Hi Nick,

    Not sure if you are still reading the forums but check out this previous post