Survivorship program for survivors

Hey Parents! I just wanted to share some info on our survivorship program for your loved ones working on transitioning out of cancer. It's a great program that brings survivors (and some fighters) together to share their stories, go through a learning experience together, and just have fun. Here's more info:[/B]

We announced Athletes for Cancer's survivorship camp dates for 2012: !

Camps are funded by private donations and funding from the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and Athletes for Cancer's annual fundraiser series, the Tenacity Games.

Here's the basics on the camps:
  • All camp expenses are covered for survivors once they get there. (Airfare not incl.)
  • People DO NOT have to be any sort of athlete to attend! This is a common misconception that keeps people from applying to camp! All levels of anything are welcome to attend!
  • This is an experience for anyone who wants to get past their cancer, the crap that comes with it, meet other survivors going through similar crap, & take steps to get on living. We do a lot of living at camp. :)

[B]Camp coming from a survivor:

Camp App:

Give me a hollar if you have any questions!