What do you do to cheer up?

What do you guys do to cheer yourself up when you feel discouraged?


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  • Something fun and distracting- I love playing games so generally I play video games. When the weather was nice this summer I'd go and take a nice long relaxing walk with my dog and bring my camera and take pictures but now that it is cold out walks with the dog are all business :)
  • I talk to God A LOT.

    I find something to be pro-active about. Sign a petition, write a letter - anything - about whatever cause we want to support. We never know how far it can go to make a change.

    Treat myself to something small, something special, just for me. Today was a carrot, apple, celery, beet juice (even though I would have preferred to shove Milky Ways down my fat face for an hour, I know that's not going to help my situation - fresh juice it was!).

    Take a walk.

    Mindless computer game and some good music.

    Watch clips of Parks and Recreation or other show that makes me laugh.

    Hope this helps!
  • I watched a lot of Magnum PI during treatment, so I would agree with the whole good TV thing. I have a small obsession with Magnum, if my avatar wasn't a giveaway. I also read a lot and played video games. I still like playing video games as a general pick me up, especially if it's one I'm really good at. The satisfaction of doing something well, no matter how meaningless, seems to help.
  • Whenever i feel discouraged i go visit people who make me laugh.
    Good tv always helps especially the funny sitcoms like that 70s show or tosh.o always makes me laugh.
    Going for a long ride in my jeep with my dog listening to music and singing (even tho i suck at it) and a good iced coffee..
    just driving around Knowing i can go places makes me happy.
  • I play with my cat. She's an absolute joy for me. Listening to music helps. Any music really. I talk to my friends online too. I do go out, but I have to wait for someone to drive me (ah, fun with neuropathy in the feet). But still, find what you have the attention span for (took me a while to find out what that was in the beginning, fun with chemo brain) and it should go fine.
    • Read Bossypants by Tina Fey. She has this wonderful ability to have both a good and bad attitude at the same time, and I find that it rubs off on me.
    • Get a massage. It releases endorphins. Watch Groupon for deals and call around to find places with introductory rates for first-time clients. If your platelets are low, masseuses can lighten the pressure.
    • Take on a project. Even if you feel pretty crappy, having a goal to chip away at is a great distraction. The key is picking something that can be broken down into small steps that you will feel up to doing. I recently painted a picture frame I didn't like. It involved removing the poster, cleaning and lightly sanding the frame, spraying several coats of paint, and reassembling it all. It took me about a month to do it all, but each step was easy and achievable. You could clean out a junk drawer, knit a scarf, organize a closet, assemble a photo album...
    • Get out of the house. You never know what might cheer you up when you step out the door: it could be a cute dog walking by, a funny child at the grocery store, or even just a cheerful cashier. But chances are slim that something is going to sneak up and cheer you up on the couch.
    Something that seems like it would cheer you up that I would actually recommend avoiding is watching a movie or TV show that's an old favorite. I've noticed that I start feeling the most mentally and emotionally disengaged when I'm watching something I've already seen, even if it's been a long time. I'm sure it's a combination of watching much more TV than usual and doing much less of everything else than usual. I've started to watch shows I hate rather than rewatch shows I love, and I find myself feeling frustrated less often.
  • I like to text/call close friends when I am feeling down. Sometimes just hearing their voice and about their life helps me feel better and other times we end up crying together and that helps me know I am not alone in this. If a friend is not available, I like to write in my journal. There I can rant and rave all I want. Also, praying does me a world of good.
  • when my partner was first diagnosed we took a random day trips to places when had never been, to do out of the ordinary things. Like we drove to a really small town on a rainy day and found a three car ferry that went to someplace we had never heard of, so we hopped on and it was an awesome day . after his surgeries we watched 5 season of big bang theory, which we had never seen before. Great escape!