Bring It On Brain Cancer!

On Thursday my fiance and I found out he has been diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma, or GBM for short. For all of us non-doctor people, that basically means the worst, most aggressive brain cancer out there. He is 24. The doctor gave us a ballpark of 1-2 years. But after doing our own research we say the doctor can suck it! I mean, we're not stupid, we know there's always a possibility. But he's starting chemo and radiation as soon as we see the doctor and otherwise he is young and healthy. It's scary but we always have to think positive, right?


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  • Positive thinking is good :) Welcome to the forums, and I'm wishing you both the best through treatment and everything- we're here if you need people to talk too!
  • I admire such positive attitude! I wish you both to keep it and always do your own research regarding treatment possibilities!
  • All of us Stage 4s need to stay positive. There' s just no other option! I feel like doctors always say the worst just to throw it out there. Cancer spreads aggressively in younger people but our bodies respond more aggressively too.. just never lose hope. Being strong really does inspire others and helps to make a positive change in the world; which is a GREAT contribution & what life is allll about :)
  • Welcom to the forums! I too have a stage 4 GBM. I have had surgery to have my tumor removed, but its a pesky sort of thing so it came back. Then i did radiation and chemo and now take Temodar (chemo) every month. It seems to be working because the stupid tumor is shrinking. In April it will be two years(they gave me 3-12mos) since i started kicking cancers ass and i intend to keep on kicking for many years to come. Feel free to message me here (either of you) if you ever wanna talk/vent/bitch/whine/compare notes.
  • Temodar, Radiation and Side Effects

    The Temodar is the same thing that Zach is going to be starting any day now, along with the radiation. He'll have radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks and has to take the chemo pills everyday for that entire time. We're just waiting for the doctor to get all of her measurements exact. It's actually kind of nervous making because he seems to be doing fine right now except he has some days where he might get really nauseous or have some headaches. The effects of his treatment seem mild but its hard to be okay with something that might make him more immediately sick then he appears to be at the moment.
  • Don't stop hoping and praying for his miracle!! Keep the faith! I persoanlly have a friend who had brain cancer and was given 6 months! Welp its not about 17 years later and she has no cancer! Lots of prayer and support! Don't believe the reports of the doctors, they are human!
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    Wow this sounds like me. What a sucky diagnosis to come out of left field! I'm 32 and I was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma, but the "good" large cell kind. Good thing was they were able to operate to remove the tumor so now it's treatment for the...uh...leftover "dust". I just started radiation and chemo (Temodar) this week on the same schedule as your boyfriend, and so far so good as far as how I feel. I have been taking the anti-nausea stuff too. My doctors haven't thrown any "estimated life expectancy" because of the large cell type, but its still a lot of serious long term treatment. Oddly enough, just knowing there's another person out there going through the same lame-ness makes me feel a little less separate from everyone. Good luck to you guys, thanks for posting.
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    Throwing my voice in - Diagnosed a month ago with Glioblastoma. Was rushed into surgery, as my tumor had grown to a size of urgency. Thankfully, surgery was even an option; I would not be writing this otherwise. I am now 2 weeks into a 6 week radiotherapy/temodar treatment. Apart from issues with swelling from the radiation (more-or-less under control now), I am experiencing only minimal side effects. Thankful for the anti-nausea pills in any case!

    Gotta try and stay positive through all of this. Do things you enjoy, eat healthy, excercise when possible, and try to live in the moment. Wishing everyone else good luck and good health through their own battle -- feel free to throw a message my way if you want to chat!
  • I know it will be hard. but I'm glad that you guys are trying to stay positive. I am a brain cancer survivor (mine was/is a peneal glastoma) and have fought it for 2 years now. I wish you the best !