Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treatment and Blog info!

Hi All!
I'm 25 with Stage 4, Metastatic Breast Cancer (diagnosed 11/23/11). Today was the first day of my chemo treatment. I'm feeling good, but am not looking forward to the next few days (from what I've heard). I thought I'd share my fun cancer blog with everyone. I have an awful HMO insurance and have gone through every loop hole imaginable to get to the Cancer Center of my choice. Never let people take advantage of you because of your age!! Hopefully it might help someone out!

I try to keep it informative, honest, and straight up. I hear it can be pretty entertaining at times. I'm an open book if anyone wants to e-mail me! We can kick some cancer-ass together!


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  • Just read your blog. I love it. You seem very strong. I want you to know that I couldn't help but pray for you when I read your blog. I will continue to pray for you until you recieve complete healing!
  • thank you! it means a lot! :)
  • Really nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very good up heat blog ! Keep it up ! Stay strong I.Will be praying for you.I diagnosed with stage three breast cancer . I have a had a full mastectomy with lymph node removal. The cancer was in my lymphnode I have two treatment chemo tacarrier as well as gemzat at the same time. MakeI sure you have your zophran on hand some imodeam on hand as for xtr steroids for after they help, a lot. Be prepared for after or on day 12-14 will be the day your hair will come out at once. But cut it before hand stage it on ur terms. Keep your power do it all on your terms. Schedule your zophrans and imodeam this will keep site affect low. I worked everyday but I was determined to . This still my life I call the shots. I chose to be a surviv everyday and never a victim. I couldn't choose to not have cancer but I could choose how I fought it my terms my way. I chose to be a survivors everyday not a victim ever. Talk to your Dr this is your treatments not there's you choose how to fight they are there to help you not order you . Cancer sux but I'm meaner and my god is way way bigger he is who gives me the strength to fight this cancer an show it how a true survivor looks like. Live or die how you choose to fight is what mAkes you a victom or a survivor fight w all you have you are a champion. Survivor.

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