I hate trying to get insurance figured out. All I need to do is jump back on my parent's insurance for the month I'm not covered (job change) but it is remarkably hard to do. The insurance company has had two weeks to think about my paperwork, and only today did they decide that it wasn't good enough, even though it was "all fine" before. My CT scan is tomorrow and I start the new job Monday. I do not have time to sit on the phone trying to get it worked out because I have a licensing exam on Saturday to pass and if I don't do some major cramming, passing'll be awfully iffy.

And the new job and exam? For an insurance company (not health, thankfully!). Some days, gosh.


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  • Aww. *hugs* I hope things work out for you. That's a lot to deal with. Very odd that your insurance company switched from saying it was fine to not fine. Good luck on your CT scan, your exam, and your new job!
  • Thanks! The exam and job went/are going great, and I got the insurance stuff in on time, if only barely.

    Unfortunately, the techs messed up the CT and have to redo it. I think they scanned my chest but forgot to scan my neck (how you forget to do the neck of someone with THYROID cancer, I do not know). So now I get to tell my new job that I need sick time even though I look perfectly healthy so I can drive an hour to the hospital and get scanned again. I was really hoping to keep the cancer thing to myself, but between this and the fact that my health insurance paperwork was ridiculously detailed, I don't think it's going to happen :(
  • Argh. That does sound annoying Katydid (although I'm glad that the exam and job went well)! I'm not sure how they would miss your neck either. Is it possible to get a doctor's note? That might help. I'm sure that people at your new job will understand. You may even have people to talk to about it at your job. That might give you another outlet to vent. Good luck!