Teal sisters!

Hi! I just wanted to say hey to all my teal sisters, I don't know how many of you are out there, but I wanted to say hi.


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  • Hi Jenni!! Nice to meet you!! I just finished my chemo last month - 27 March - for stage IIIC dsygerminoma. I am glad that there is a forum for young people affected by ovarian cancer to use. It can be hard to find information!!
  • Hi Tatem222! Nice to meet you too. Congrats on finishing chemo that is great! I agree it is great that there is a forum for young people, especially us who are young and with ovarian cancer. Does dsygerminoma mean yours is germ cell? I don't know too much about germ cell, I have epithelial. May I ask what kind of surgery you had? I had a bilateral salpingo-oomphorectomy. I hope that you are doing well, and if you have any questions or want to chat I would love too! Congrats again on finishing chemo that is a great accomplishment!
  • Hey Tatem222,

    I have never "met" anyone with dysgerminoma before! It's so rare it's hard to find someone who has been there. Congrats on finishing your chemo! Sending you lots of good thoughts!
  • Hey Jenni:)

    Nice to meet you! Are you currently in treatment now? How did your recovery go after your surgery? Hope you're doing well and send you lots of good thoughts your way too!
  • Hey Everyone,

    Wow, I haven't heard of anyone else with dysgerminoma. I finished chemo about nine weeks ago for stage IIIc.

    How's everyone keeping? x
  • hello teal sisters

    :) This is the first time that I've gotten a chance to post in the Stupid Cancer forums--finally got "approved".
    My ovarian cancer has come back after 2 years, and on Thursday Oct 4th, I had 6 new tumors removed, but they are hopeful that they got it all. I will be starting chemo again and radiation for the the first time once my incision is healed. I'm ready to kick this cancer's butt again...
    It is such happy news to hear when someone finishes treatment--so awesome! I hope everyone is doing well. I'd love to chat more with the "teal sisters" again. I'll be sending good thoughts and positive energy to you all!
  • hi tatem222, is it ok if i ask you how old you where when you started your treatment. i have the same typ of your cancer has you right down to the stage IIIC. what kind of surgery did you have to have.

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