Is there a reason to cry a little thread?

My surgery didn't go as well as expected :/ They did have to cut my left laryngeal nerve, which we saw coming, but the cancer was attached to my trachea, so they had to scoop part of it out as well :( So I have a temporary trach in and it hurts so bad when they have to suction my lungs and I can't breathe when they put on the speaking's horrible. I really wouldn't wish one of these on my worst enemy. :*( I have no voice at all for weeks. :*( It's so frustrating that things can't seem to ever go jsut a little biteasy with this damn disease.


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  • I had a trach for probably close to 6 months, so I definitely feel your pain there. I was intubated for so long, they wanted to be safe rather than sorry so they trached me just prior to waking me up so I could be on a respirator to help my breathing. I had to attach the oxygen to my trach for a week, and the humidity in my breath clogged it about once per hour and then it would start making a ton of noise.

    but it turns out that I didn't really need it. my lungs were plenty strong because I was athletic prior to my dx, so even with the severely reduced function, I was fine. better safe than sorry though. at any rate, suctioning it out was horribly annoying when it would get gunky. and cleaning it - had to have other people do all those things for one. but I managed to actually speak without the speaking valve. it was breathy and I couldn't say much without winding myself, but the docs said I wasn't supposed to be able to. I also figured out how to make the speaking valve buzz like a kazoo. my family didn't appreciate that one much, but when you've got the thing in there for months, what can you do when you're stuck in a wheelchair?

    you should know, however, that removing the thing was about as painless as it gets. doc had to scope me to make sure my trachea wasn't irritated on the inside or anything, but all he did was pull it out and put some tape on the hole. it took a couple weeks for the hole to seal up, but all I did was use tape to seal it off to keep air from leaking out. medical tape, of course. but the removal part of it is easy, I would say, even if dealing with it isn't.
  • Wow, that really stinks; I'm so sorry it wasn't the simple procedure you were hoping for :( The trach sounds awful...i wouldn't blame you a bit for crying a little over that! I know I probably would. Hopefully you won't have to have it in too long and you'll heal up well after.
  • *hugs Fufuberry* I'm sorry it didn't go as planned. You definitely have a reason to cry! I hope you heal well and quickly.
  • Hey Fufuberry,

    I'm so sorry that this didn't go as planned - good luck on your recovery and I hope you catch a break soon!
  • I'm sorry things went so bad for you. It's so frustrating to have to deal with unexpected outcomes. I've never had a trach, but I can relate to the feeng of falling apart and never catching a break. I managed to break two vertebrae and sprain my foot since the new year, and I haven't even done anything more strenuous than carrying a suitcase. Before this, I had never broken any bones, but now, thanks to the steroids, I feel like I'm literally falling apart. I hope your trach can be removed soon. In the meantime, find a way to enjoy it. Maybe you and Nate can make a kazoo band.
  • Thanks guys. I guess I'm doing okay now, I couldn't talk at all for 3 days. They kept downsizing the tube and Monday I could talk again a little bit. I no longer have a tube in my neck, and got released to go home yesterday. I have a bandage over the hole and have to put my fingers over it when I speak so that it will heal. I see my surgeon Tuesday to discuss pathology and healing and whatnot. My voice will never be the same, but I'm just happy not to have a trach anymore... it was absolutely horrible. :*(