Thanks Cancer Meds, Now I'm Falling Apart

I feel like I'm falling apart. Not mentally. Seem wow despite my best efforts, I can keep it together in that department. But physically I'm falling apart. And it's mist likely from all the meds and treatments. Hooray! So it all began in August of last year when I started having a major flare up of my graft v. host. I get blood transfusions every other week, have all the fun skin rash and itching, look like I have the world's worst dandruff, tons of super fun diarreah, and am on a ton of steroids and other supportive medicines. There hasn't been much of a change in my GVH since then. So then over Christmas I sprained my foot walking around my house. And on top of that I managed to get a compression fracture of my T7 vertibra. So I got that fixed like 2 weeks ago. But now it feels like I have another compression fracture of a vertibra lower down. I'm getting an MRI today to figure out what is going on and to get scheduled for a fix in need be.

But seriously, how much more can go wrong? I know it can always be worse and there are some things that can go wrong and make this period even worse. But come on. I would like a freaking break. I'm just waiting for a leg to fall off or to suddenly go deaf. And of course all this is happening right before OMG. It always happens before an event that I'm rally looking forward to. Why can't this stuff happen before my inlaws come visit? Why before fun things? I swear, God hates me.