Caregiver for Appendix Cancer survivor


My husband (then boyfriend) was diagnosed with mucinous adenocarcinoma/pseudomyxoma peritonei after his appendix ruptured in 2004 (he was 35). We had been dating only 3 months at that time. He was fortunate in that his pathology report came back with a suggestion on where to go next. Most people with this cancer are misdiagnosed/misdirected at first. His surgeon (in Harrisburg PA) had no suggestions for us, he actually said that he knew of no one in PA that could help.

We saw Dr Paul Sugarbaker in Washington D.C (based on the pathology report suggestion) in March 2005 (his first available appt). We also saw Dr Armando Sardi at St Agnes in Baltimore, MD (he is now with Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD) for a second opinion. We were fortunate in that his cancer was diagnosed early. Both Drs said that he needed cytoreductive surgery (where they remove all tumors/mucin and any affected organs) and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). Assuming that all visible cancer could be removed, he had an 80% chance of being cancer-free. With additional systemic chemotherapy (as determined by Rationale Therapeutics - Folfox was the best choice) his chances raised to >90% chance of being cancer-free. He had the surgery/HIPEC with Dr Sardi in April 2005.

This cancer is very rare (<300 cases per year diagnosed in the USA) so they don't have the statistics to say CURED. But it's now almost been 7 years since the MOAS (Mother Of All Surgeries - the cytoreductive surgery/HIPEC) and he has had no reoccurances.

We were married in 2006 and have had two sons (aged 3 and <1) by IVF due to male factor infertility since. If anyone wants to contact me about any of what I wrote above, please feel free. - Jennifer

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