Honoring a Superman named David King

I don't even know where I'm gonna go here. I haven't been here for a long time, I lost interest in everything around the time my mama died in February, but thats another reason to vent altogether. I'm a survivor in treatment for stage 4 rectal cancer w/mets to my lungs. Been in treatment since September 2010. Just over or under a year ago I heard from an old dear and distraught friend that her soon to be 21 yr old son was just diagnosed with rabdomyosarcoma. It was big, bad, and had a big headstart on the battlefield. Thus began my journey with Warrior Mama, and Superman. A selfish journey I now see clearly, but Superman was so special and addictive, with his everpresent smile, constant willingness to find the glass more than half full, arms always open for a hug, and radiant personality, who wouldn't want to be around him and then there's the rest of the family. High school sweethearts, married young, but not dumb. Ready and equipt to hold hands and inspire the best in each other, no matter what, the little sister who makes Superman smile everytime he lays eyes on her, not sure if she was aware of that, I noticed that and the way he txted me when she was coming home for the weekend from school. Warrior Mama and I did most of the texting back and forth in the beginning. Support, cheerleading, advice for all the stupid crap that happens to a body when its being ravaged by one monster and poisoned by the other monster who is your ally trying to kill the ravenger faster than the vessel. Superman signed up for the full on WAR, with his family strong behind and all around him we all marched off to war. For awhile it seemed that ATTITUDE was an excellent thing to bring to battle, LOVE and SUPPORT were also very valuable. The battles were difficult, Superman was strong, positive and always facing forward and never looking down! Now, being in my own war, I understand how difficult it is to be all of those things, when you feel so f-ing weak, tired and sick! Superman taught me that no matter what , get up, get as dressed as you can, put on your smile, and go forward until you hit a wall. Then try to break through that wall, with help from Warrior Mama Sentinal Dad and Sissysmiles, and countless others friends family and anyone he ever met! Those two high school sweethearts hit a homerun in the childrearing department, TWO homeruns. To be along for this journey is such a blessing to my own tortured soul, I cannot believe the Grace I have been shown. I only hope that I will be able to live my life in a way to honor this young warrior! At every turn of events during this young man's journey, his head held high his determination surged forth. This is a true and genuine picture of family love and support, at its very best, during the very worst of times. BEAUTIFUL! My blessings multiplied when I began hearing from Superman personally, as well as still daily txts from warrior mama. He was beginning to have anxiety and over worries about alot of stuff, alot of pain and alot of meds on board alot... I hope I was able to help him find his way thru the confusion and fear, with some inside jokes and recognition from experience. We often made ourselves laugh about our weird feelings and side effects. I often felt like just laying down to cry, take another pill and go to sleep, but bless his soul, he needed me to be alert and hold his hand, so I was delivered from my deep depression. He later went thru some damn surgeries, and other very much not fun s#*t, and needed my support again and at the same time his Warriormama was so supportive and calming for me as I went thru a big crisis of my own with my personal relations. Her everpresent positivity and gentle ways of inspiration made me realize why this young man of hers was so strong. Purely positivity. So war is hell, and Superman battled his way beyond mere human wars. His journey inspired so many people in so many wonderful ways. That journey must never be forgotten, I just hope I will be able to help ensure that. My friend Superman, aka David King, left the battlefield on April 7, 2012. Warrior Mama, Sentinal Dad, Sissiesmiles, and everyone ever blessed to have met him will forever be missing a part of themselves. I propose we use that space to grow some beauty and pass it around freely! Even though I just wanna cry and feel sad, that would be selfish. Superman would say lets find something to smile about and spread it around. Get up and move if you still can, make a positive mark on this world. Sunday April 15, 2012 is the Celebration of Superman's life. Thousand Hills Ranch in Pismo Beach. Check out Facebook/ David King's Memorial. Im gonna try to post some pictures after sunday. Today I'm gonna get up, get as dressed as I can, and go fullfil a promise to my step daughter and paint her old bedroom. Even tho I feel like crap, I'm gettin' up!!! Maybe all these angels I keep seeing in my peripherals will help out.... LOVE