Blowing off some steam

My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Delilah on February 13 of this year. February 23 I had a mass tumor removed from my neck. March 5 we found out that tumor was non hodgkins lymphoma and with further testing we were informed that there was a lot more where that came from. So began my trek through chemotherapy. Two weeks later Delilah was admitted to the children's hospital with RSV. She was in the facility for three days. Side note: the children's hospital is right across the street from my cancer center so I was able to walk right over for chemo. How convenient. The RSV cleared up and we were finally able to bring baby Delilah home. Until this last Friday. She developed a mass lump infection near her groin that nobody here has ever seen before. My wife and I have been with her here at the children's hospital where I'm typing this ever since. I feel like I've been strong throughout this crap until yesterday when I reached my boiling point and broke down. I just want it all to end. Or at least slow down a little. Too much too fast. I feel completely helpless. I have the most amazing boss in the world. I blew up at him pretty hard and he just shook it off because he understands my situation. I'm working through chemo and all the stupid side effects and he has been nothing short of amazing. That is sadly my delusional bright side to this mess. Anyway, thanks for reading if you made it through my entire rant.