New here...Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Hi All,
I just joined this site after I called a cancer help hotline. My name is Brianna, I'm 22 years old and I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma about 2 and a half months ago. I completed 2 cycles of chemo so far. I have a pet scan tomorrow that I'm very nervous about as it determines my progress and the fate of my treatment. Although I've been handling this quite well, in the recent weeks I've been showing signs of anxiety and depression. I'm doing my best to stay positive but sometimes I find it incapable to have fun anymore. Am I alone in this? Looking for people to share their stories who are going through something similar.


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    You are not alone. A cancer diagnosis and treatment is overwhelming. Trying to stay positive is important, but don't deny your feelings. I hope your pet scan went well!
  • Hey! Same here! I´m 22 I used to feel like you, but I've been working on that and I´m much better now :D !! I'm going to spiritual therapy, yoga, I write, paint and watch motivational videos... helps a lot! give a chance :)

    Hope this helps
    & if you want to talk or new friend am here :D!!
  • Hi Alejandra! Thank you for responding :) I'm still working on this, so thanks for your suggestions. I want to give meditation a try as well. I'd love to chat'd be nice to relate to someone who knows what I'm going through.
  • hi guys! I am also 22 and was just diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma a few weeks ago. I'm feeling similar and going stir crazy being forced to take a break from my usual life. I just thought it would be nice to reach out to people like me!
  • I had Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 18. Been in remission for just over 11 years. You'll go through hell, but you'll be fine. This is a highly curable disease. That being said, everyone is different. Talk to your doctor about risk factors or other health questions.

    I was terrified, and didn't have anyone to talk to. This was in 2006 before social media took off. So, I kept everything bottled up outside of writing in a journal or volunteering with community cancer nonprofits like The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, American Cancer Society, etc.

    My advice to you would be to stay busy. Get active. Run, paddleboard, be social. Do whatever you can to live your best life. Don't be afraid to seek help. Attend support groups. Make friends with other cancer patients. Find current friends or family members who will let you confide in them. Don't be afraid to scream, cry, be depressed, and deal with all of the other emotions.

    Cancer is scary. But it is a weird gift. You realize how determined you are you survive. When you get involved in cancer advocacy, you meet cool people from all walks of life. I'm more proactive about my health. Recently had a stage 1 melanoma removed. Having cancer twice is a mindf***. But because I know the realities, serious health issues are caught early.

    Perspective is everything. Take care of yourself after you're done with treatment to minimize future cancers. Chase your dreams. You're beating cancer. It's hard work. Other adversities become trivial and managable.
  • Thank you for this post, it spoke to me so much. I am approaching 20 years off treatment, Stage 4c Hodgkins, and am more and more scared and putting off tests I know I need to get. I agree about the weird gift, blessing in disguise, a terrible disguise, lol. Glad to have people here to connect to and share feelings.