Hi, I am brand new to this, so if I am in the wrong discussion board, let me know. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the end of last semester and had surgery over the summer. I am back in school but my energy is super low and I am nuaesous all the time. Since I am in college, I have a roommate, this person will not leave me alone about the cleaning schedule. I tried telling her and she cut me off. I just feel like I have no support and really, what would I have to do to get out of the cleaning cycle? Get cancer? Done!


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  • Perhaps try to explain to your roommate about your health again? A time when you will have their full attention not when they are focused are trying to discuss something else. It does seem like surely if you could get them to hear you out most would be more accomodating! Also if you are in a dorm not an apartment perhaps you have an RA that could assist? If not I remember when I was diagnosed in college there were free counselors available on campus that may be able to help you. Take care of yourself :)