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  • Pauline
    Hi Angelita I would like to know how you are doing with your treatment. I too have a grade 3 astrocytoma brain tumour. I was doing fine then 27th December I. Woke with strange effects and flashing lights and went to hospital I had a ct scan and later that day an MRI scan and was told it was a grade 1 astrocytoma brain tumour.within a couple of weeks I had a biopsy and was told it is a grade 2 and was inoperable.I then had 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy and was told it is now a grade 3 I then had a 4 week break from radiotherapy and am now having chemotherapy in tablet form temozolomide capsules it’s tablets for 5 days then 23 days later have blood tests to monitor platelets and start again. I was told this treatment would be for 12 months with MRI scans every 3 months.... I would like to hear what treatment you are having and how you are feeling and what effects you have. I am unbalanced and my short term memory is affected I have a few others but some I’m sure are from the medication .
    June 4 Comment